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Initial post 18 JUL 10 by mashamcl
The rose at the Heritage is not only not red, but it reblooms too.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 30 AUG 17 by Tearose
It also has Damask hips. It's even planted in the Damask Perpetual row rather than the Hybrid China row. It's obviously not Alphonse Maille, but can anyone figure out which DP it is so we can replace the plaque with the incorrect ID?
Reply #2 of 4 posted 30 AUG 17 by Patricia Routley
How does it differ from 'Quatre Saisons'?
Reply #3 of 4 posted 13 SEP 17 by Tearose
It always seems to have a button eye, and the leaflets are more elongated.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 14 SEP 17 by Patricia Routley
I think that rather than clutter up the 'Alphonse Maille' file, we should move the photos out into a file of its own, pending identification. Is there a "study name" that we can use?
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Initial post 5 JUN 10 by mashamcl
I wonder why the description says "mild fragrance". The patent says "highly fragrant". I think it has a strong fragrance too.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 16 MAR 16 by boopie
I see you have had this rose for awhile. How do you like it so far? Other comments make it seems as if it is a horrible rose. Yet your photos make it seem beautiful.
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Initial post 29 AUG 14 by mashamcl
This rose looks identical to Elie Beauvilain. Elie also has thick sturdy canes that I am only able to bend because they are so long. How is rebloom?
Reply #1 of 3 posted 30 AUG 14 by Margaret Furness
There are some comments under the photo ID 250925.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 30 AUG 14 by mashamcl
Thank you. Foliage was what stopped me at first too. However, my Elie has both rounded and pointy leaves, I will upload a pic shortly to Elie. I also took a pic of lateral canes near the base. I can't bend them well unless they grow about 6' tall.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 2 MAY 15 by Gartenjockels kleine gaerten
i did same observations on foliage and wood of le parré as did mashamcl on his elie beauvilain. receptacles can be slender or short based, clusters of both roses are looking a lot alike.

on the other hand 'le parré' proved to be extremly frostresistent 3 years ago when late onset of winter with -16°C ( 3.2 °F) killed a lot of my teas, 'elie beauvilain' among them.
the havy wood and strong growth of 'le parré' is evocative of early hybrid tea climbers as 'paul lédé'.
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Initial post 30 AUG 14 by Patricia Routley
Dear Masha,
I am really interested in 'Mrs. E. G. Hill'. Where did the rose come from? What does SU #12 mean.
Can you have a look at your plant sometime and let me know about .....
The placement of thorns?
Does the bush have brown-ish new foliage?
Does it ever have clusters of blooms?
Is the pedicel stiff and glandular.

I have a similar foundling rose but am floundering a bit with what it may be.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 30 AUG 14 by mashamcl

Here is the story as I remember it. The plant in the picture is at the San Jose Heritage. As far as I remember, it was called SU #12 because it was among a number of roses imported from Sweden ?. The tags of these roses got all mixed up during shipping, so they are all called Swedish Unknown # something. Jill might give you a better idea. Gregg Lowery apparently thought it looked like Mrs. E.G. Hill, so that is what it was tentatively called in their catalog. I later bought this plant from Vintage. My rose has always been semi-double, as described in the catalog, while the Heritage rose seems more fully double (perhaps because it is grafted, I don't know). My plant sometimes blooms in small clusters. My rose is in decline, so I cannot right now answer many of your questions. I will go and make pics of the thorns though.

Reply #2 of 2 posted 31 AUG 14 by Patricia Routley
That is wonderful information Masha. Thank you so much.
Your photos seem a little similar to my "Birte Venske's No. 13" - see here
In past years I noted my foundling had thorns only on the lower half of the bush.
This morning I was amazed to run my hands over most canes and find that it was now completely thornless.

I've added a few more refs to 'Mrs. E. G. Hill'.
I think I need to look more closely at 'Jonkheer J. L. Mock'.
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