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Souvenir de Claudius Denoyel rose photo
Rose photo courtesy of Linda Perry
Oct. 21, 2018 - These blooms of ‘Souv. de Claudius Denoyel’ are cut from a well-grown plant growing in a 25 gallon pot in Sebastopol, CA. They smell every bit as good as they look!
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Uploaded 24 OCT 18
Dr. Grill rose photo
Rose photo courtesy of Linda Perry
Now, just for fun, here are two blooms on the same plant, ex Vintage Gardens, taken today, August 14, 2017. The summer here in Fort Bragg, CA, has been cool and foggy; the plant was purchased as a gallon at the Celebration of Old Roses, in El Cerrito, CA, in May, 2017. All the previous little blooms (this very young plant just wants to keep pushing blooms out) have begun and remained the deeper pink color, as in the photos posted by Cass (also VG) but this pale apricot bloom just opened from a pale apricot bud. Fascinating! (Sorry for quality of iPad photo.)
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Uploaded 14 AUG 17
Reverend J. B. M. Camm rose photo
Rose photo courtesy of Linda Perry
This rose was sent to me from Rogue Valley Roses as ‘J.B.M. Camm,’ a Bourbon, but I suspect it to be the Hybrid Perpetual ‘Rev. J.B.M. Camm.’ It is as pictured in their online catalogue but not the lovely, pale salmon pink in the photos from Europe of ‘J.B.M. Camm’ on HMF. Instead it is a voluptuous globe of bright rosy pink carmine as described for the Rev. Very fragrant. There is, perhaps, a photo from Lee Sherman under ‘J.B.M. Camm’ which might represent the Rev., as well, and even some color descriptions in the entries in References, from the 19th cent. indicate some understandable name confusion. So, I’ll put it here for now, but no wish to contribute to further confusion! (Photo taken June 6, 2118, in Fort Bragg, northern California coast.)
Uploaded 18 JUL 18
R. palustris plena rose photo
Rose photo courtesy of Linda Perry
Though this isn't an artful shot, I took it when I wanted to remember the name of this rose and how well it looked after a hot, dry spell had made its neighbors in the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden look frazzled. I also like its leaves, their color with the blooms and the architecture and the look of its canes.--5/11/17
Uploaded 22 JUN 17
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