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growing 100+ mostly antique roses.60 miles North of the Gulf of Mexico. Mostly own root or on fortunia, and requiring minimal spray. What interests me the most is the garden value of a rose and that means that the plants habit, i.e., the physical shape of the plant it's natural branching and its foliage, including color and shape, are as of much interest to me as its bloom. I am currently exploring rose companion plants. I am looking for reliable perennials that will not invade and that are not so deep rooted that they can not be easily removed. I want perennials that will blend in. I like once bloomers as much as those roses that bloom continuously, so long as they blend well in the garden when they are out of bloom. In this regard the old garden roses have a distinct advantage over many newer roses that have been breed with constant heavy bloom as a main goal, Although I have a number of modern roses, many of them, including most of those in my garden, have, in my opinion, a rather stiff, unattractive habit, so I am looking for ways to coverup their unattractive features. I want a garden that blends with the surrounding landscape. There may be a tree down here and some vines scrambling there. In other words I want a partnership between myself and nature, with each of us getting our way about half the time -- well, maybe more like 60/40 with myself maintaining the upper hand.
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