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Dominique Massad
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Initial post 1 OCT 04 by Unregistered Guest
Hello !
I found your site by chance. I was so surprised to find a rose with such a name as this is my mother's name !!!
Does anyone know why this rose was name like this ?
Hope to hear some news soon...
Reply #1 of 1 posted 13 SEP by Dominique Massad
Simplified family tree
A-1Guillaume GUILLOT maried Marie GAZADON from wich: 
A-1-1 Laurent
A-1-2 Marie-Philomène maried
First wedding: Séraphin FUGIER from wich
A-1-2-1 Elisa-Anne-Adelaide maried Louis-Antoine PRAYRE d’où
A-1-2-1-1 Anne-Marie Prayre
A-1-2-2 Henri-Séraphin
second wedding Joseph BONNAIRE
A-1-3 Louise-Françoise maried Alexandre MATHIAN from wich
A-1-3-1 Julie-Anne-Sabine
A-1-3-2 Marie-Louise Mathian
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Initial post 9 JUN by Dominique Massad
This rose was not Claudia cardinale
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Initial post 1 OCT 17 by Dominique Massad
Tis is not a variety Massad
Reply #1 of 3 posted 12 MAY 22 by Jocelyn Janon
Salut Dominique. C'est une rose de JP Ditiere?
Reply #2 of 3 posted 12 MAY 22 by Dominique Massad
Salu, Jocelen
J'espère que tu vas bien;
Oui c'est une variété de Jean Pierre Dittiere comme son appellation commerciale l'indique avec les trois premières lettres.
Reply #3 of 3 posted 12 MAY 22 by Jocelyn Janon
Coucou Dominique.
Je vais bien et j'espere que tu te portes bien aussi.
Je vais corriger cela.
Dis mois si il y a d'autres erreurs et je corrigerai.
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Initial post 26 APR 21 by Patricia Routley
I believe there are a few photos in ‘Barcelona’ which may belong in the “Francis Dubreuil (in commerce as)” file.
Could I ask you to look at Hillary Merrifield’s 2020 reference in either of these two files.
Barcelona (hybrid tea, Kordes, 1932)
"Francis Dubreuil (in commerce as)”
She sets out very clear differences between the two roses. I do not like to REASSIGN members photos, but this reference may allow you to reassign this photo quite confidently.
Thank you Lori Levine.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 26 APR 21 by Dominique Massad
Hello Patricia
451 / 5000
Résultats de traduction
For me, Barcelona 'and' Francis Dubreuil are two different roses.
the color is similar but the roses bush are different.
'Barcelona' has stiff flower peduncles like in HubertG's photo from January 15, 2020
'Francis Dubreuil' has weaker peduncles as pictured by Brittie from May 23, 2018.
These two photos seem to me to be a good reference
Unfortunately, I don't think your photos represent either one.
Best regards
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