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10 APR 20
Update on my rose endeavours in the Eifel region (550m above sea level, full sun, no watering, no spraying, super windy): The only roses to survive are Rotes Phänomen and Alexander Mackenzie (planted in autumn of 2017) and Topaz Jewel (planted 2018). They had to survive on their own for two summers in which there was absolutely no rain and record-breaking hot temperatures. Also, they got overgrown by grass.
I have decided to be nicer to my roses, and the roses I've planted now not only got a rabbit-fence but a promise of removing the grass around them in the first year at least. Actually I treat my recently-planted apple trees the same bad way, but they're historical cultivars long accustomed to this climate - and possibly bad treatment as well. Wait, no! They're doubly fenced in, but they get no water, no fertilizer, and no grass removed. The first years they didn't grow in height, they didn't grow their branches, they only grew their stems (and most probably the roots as well). But they are in super good shape, rudely healthy in leaves and bark.
I have now made a more tentative planting of apple trees which might or might not like the conditions, apples from far away, USA, Denmark, the Netherlands... maybe they hate it. Maybe they can cope.
Same goes for the new roses which I planted: I've selected them for robustness, but whether or not they like it where they grow? We will have to see. Jacques Cartier, Bonica, Kent, R. carolina, and an unknown mystery rose from the garden center which had such beautiful, thick canes that I just took the risk of having my entire grassland overgrown with Golden Gate or New Dawn. (I love - and have - both of them.) All roses were bare-rooted just before planting - due to phytosanitary considerations - having previously lived in pots in my garden or in the nursery.
Let's hope the best for my beautiful apple trees and the beautiful roses!
29 JAN 18
Potted. It is trying to grow, so will have to be kept inside until the summer.
29 JAN 18
Potted. It's eager to form new growth because I stored it inside. Hope all goes well.
29 JAN 18
I possibly killed my Baby Gold Star by not planting it soon enough after buying it in a not-quite-bare-root state. It tried to form growth, but probably did not get enough humidity. Have put it in a pot and will see in spring.
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