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I am a rose lover of mostly old garden roses from Bishopville, S.C. I love nearly all roses, my favorite class being the Hybrid Chinas and Gallicas. I also love the rest of the classes, but those are my favorite obsessions. I LOVE the dark reds and purples! I love the Damask Fragrance of Kazanlik and Autumn Damask. I love the singles and Species, I could just go on and on. I also love species tulips, crocus and all the perrenials I can get my hands on! I started off with the hybrid teas, grafted and evolved into own-root OGR. I will always love my first loves, but have moved to the best! Feel free to contact me for some trades! I am also trying my hand at breeding and growing from seed, wish me luck! I am now also getting into the rambler's and tree climbers...

Edited to add I did order alot of China's and Teas early on, but some were to tender or maybe to young for our roller coaster weather in the spring and died. The one's that I still have are the survivors for me. The once bloomer's are and will always be my favorite roses and if I hadn't had tried the other classes of roses, I would have never found me favorite class the Hybrid China's.
Beginner (14 years)
Breeder, Photographer, Rustler
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