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Initial post 11 JUL by StefanDC
This appears to be another selling name for the rose listed here separately as Cat Woman. There are some identical photos posted for these online by Bierkreek in the Netherlands (as Faith, Hope, and Love(R)) and by Amore Roses in New Zealand (as Wonder(R) Cat Woman).

It appears to be a hybrid with a strong R. bracteata and R. rugosa background.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 JUL by jedmar
Good catch! Clearly the same rose.
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Initial post 1 JAN 14 by Michael Garhart
That's definitely a different mauve than usual. The photos look like Blueberry Hill and Blue Moon had a love child, resulting in an odd color, a shrubbier plant, and different bloom form.

Americans might like this one, since the closest here is the 7' bean pole, Lagerfeld.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 26 JUN by StefanDC
While it's no bean pole, mine is growing like a vigorous large-flowered climber in zone 7 on the East Coast. It's quite healthy and flowers extravagantly, so it still bests most other mauves, but those looking for a "petite" shrub in a warm zone will want to look elsewhere. The fragrance is good, although not terribly strong.
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Initial post 26 JUN by StefanDC
I'm a bit disappointed by this one. The fragrance turned out to be more of a myrrh-tinged aroma, which can be good or bad, but this is on the decidedly unpleasant side to my nose. The color is nice enough, but the flowers are thin-petaled and don't always open well (and when in clusters, the buds are sometimes crammed together, which doesn't help). Although the plants started out looking healthy and flowering well earlier in the spring, they've now largely defoliated from blackspot without spray, and the wind seems to have gone out of their sails.
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Initial post 3 NOV 18 by Plazbo
On paper, from others experiences I should like this rose but I don't.

It requires a lot of direct sun to bloom and will instantly bleach to white (apart from the center) in those conditions. I don't smell anything from the plant. The plant gets spotting issues (not to the point of completely defoliating, but a lot of some sort of spotting all over the plant). It does bloom a lot, it is easy to get pollen from, it does set seed well....just almost everything bred from it has the same issues it does, it's often very easy to spot RnS offspring based on foliage alone.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 22 JUN by StefanDC
I'm wondering if there is some serious confusion between Ralph Moore's 'Rise 'n' Shine' and the later 'Meicupag' that was introduced by Meilland, which has 'Rise 'n' Shine' in its lineage. Both are marked here with the trade designations GOLDEN SUNBLAZE, and oddly 'Rise 'n' Shine' has the Meilland trade designation GOLDEN MEILLANDINA, but 'Meicupag' does not. I suspect that there is a problem, and that 'Rise 'n' Shine' is mistakenly listed with those two trademarks that rightfully belong with 'Meicupag'. You might just have 'Meicupag' (mild fragrance) and not 'Rise 'n' Shine' (moderate fragrance).
Reply #2 of 2 posted 22 JUN by Plazbo
There may have been a mix up but based on location (I'm in Australia) probably not between those two. Meicupag doesn't seem like it came here. I'd be more inclined to one of moores other yellow mini's and someone just connected the dots (a moore mini + yellow) to the wrong conclusion sometime in the ~30 years it was here. It has mini mini foliage (like closer to the rouletti type small foliage just on a bigger plant with more typical mini bloom size, not the tiny ones of rouletti) than the wich based mini's (eg magic carousel)
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