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11 APR 15
All five of mine came through winter very well in my zone 6a/b (I'm on the border, basically) in Michigan. I love these roses. Mine are in part shade and do beautifully, although slower growing. Three were planted 2013, two 2014. I can hardly wait for summer blooms!
8 JUN 14
Note to self:

Quite buying plants! I have MORE than enough to put in. QUIT ADDING TO IT! :D LOL!

Still have.... ~25 roses to plant, let alone the dozens of bulbs and annuals and all.... While working FT, right? ;)

yeah...... Quit adding girl!
8 JUN 14
Ebb Tide:

I have 5 ETs in my front yard under the bay windows. :) All are from Michigan Bulb and were plug size when I got them. Three were from last year, over-wintered GREAT. Hardly any die-back after a nasty winter! Two are from this year, one is taking off and the other is being SLOW. All are own-root. :)

The three from last year are all covered in bud groups! I have one flower I brought inside already, I'm so excited for more to come! The irises in front of them are just near the end of their bloom cycle (I was SO hoping that would be the case, too!), so little to detract from my beautiful purple roses.

The three 2nd season bushes are all over 2' tall, and growing so fast they are tipping themselves over. I had to actually support one of them against a pot for a couple days until it restrengthened, and one other keeps being pushed over in the wrong direction and ending up flat on the ground (thanks to a feral cat that walks through my beds... but at least I don't have rodents eating my bulbs in the winter!).

So happy!!! :D
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