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Initial post 1 DEC by steve fritz
How is your hybridizing coming along?

Do you have any pictures to post?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 4 DEC by sutekesh
Hi Steve, still at it and coming along slowly. Some of my roses are already available commercially and a couple of are being tested. Thank you for asking.
I post photos under my member name sutekesh.
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most recent 10 NOV 20 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 10 NOV 20 by sutekesh
Will apparently be available in Europe from Sping 2021 under the name LYON LUMIERES®
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Initial post 4 SEP 13 by jim1961
Hi all,

I really liked Livin Easy BUT had to shovel prune because of bad blackspot in our no
spray garden!
LE got through our winters fine, grew fast, and LE bloomed well with 3+" bloom size...

Reply #1 of 11 posted 5 SEP 13 by Jay-Jay
The same over here and it got weaker every year and died.
Reply #2 of 11 posted 9 MAY 15 by Shredder
It had blackspot in my garden as well. It died last year after a very, very cold winter in zone 6/5.
Reply #3 of 11 posted 9 MAY 15 by Jay-Jay
The final blow indeed came from a very cold winter too over here.
Reply #4 of 11 posted 2 JUN 15 by sutekesh
This is the third season in my garden, Zone 6b Switzerland and already showing signs of black spot - again!! I am going to make a habit of reading the member comments and not just the main page in future.
Reply #5 of 11 posted 2 JUN 15 by Jay-Jay
A very good intention! Sometimes ratings are a hint too.
Reply #6 of 11 posted 2 JUN 15 by Jay-Jay
So the statement in the description, that this rose is "very blackspot-resistent", can be referred to the garbage bin... or to the land of the fairy-tales.
Reply #7 of 11 posted 2 JUN 15 by Patricia Routley
Binned. Thanks Jay-Jay
Reply #8 of 11 posted 18 NOV 19 by HappyRose
Did great first year, beautiful abundant roses and second year nothing.
Reply #9 of 11 posted 27 FEB 20 by Matthew 0rwat
I have to spray fungicide on all of my Hybrid Teas and Floribunda's here in hot humid florida. I can grow old Teas, Noisettes and some shrubs here without spraying, but I will continue to spray my HT's and FL's twice a month for unique and beautiful flowers .
Reply #10 of 11 posted 27 FEB 20 by HappyRose
What brand do u use of fungicide
Reply #11 of 11 posted 27 FEB 20 by Matthew 0rwat
It depends, In the cooler months I mix Daconil and Propaconizole together in one spray tank and apply it twice a month. In warmer weather I rotate with either Immunox or Theophanate Methyl, or Propaconizole mixed with Dithane. Rotation is key so blackspot doesn't develop resistance. My spray period is March through October. If we go through a hot and dry period, I usually quit spraying for that time since the warm and dry weather naturally reduces disease. I don't spray my OGRs or Shrub roses and they do fine. This program is for picky hybrid teas, like Peace, Brandy, Papa Meilland. I can grow Mr. Lincoln or floribundas like Valentine without spraying but I love yellos and orange long stemmed HTs as well
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