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9 NOV 14
I found this plant in the lawn when I bought the house in 2007. I don't think the previous owners knew it was there; it had been mowed flat with the lawn. That spring I let the lawn go for too long before mowing and these red flowers appeared, but I had no idea where to move it (I have a lot of shade from several 100 ft cedars, plus some oaks), but I moved it anyway to what had once been a garden area (and was extremely overgrown). I've got that area as a perennial bed now, but Red Cascade stopped blooming last year; it may have become too crowded (or it didn't like me stopping it from layering itself). I'll be moving it to another location in the spring; more to the front of the bed so it can hang down over the raised edge. I was trying to get it to grow up into a barberry before, but it wasn't very enthusiastic about that.
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