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Beth, Forney, TX 8a
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Initial post 25 FEB 14 by Ariel7
Heirloom Roses says this rose blooms continuously. It's true, it does. It also loves the Texas heat, and keeps blooming, even in 90- and 100-degree weather. It's not tall, barely hitting 2 1/2 feet its first year in my garden. But oh, what a beauty, blooming its heart out. I loved looking at the blooms by moonlight, because its yellow blend showed up beautifully at night. It also made a nice contrast to the red Veteran's Honor it was planted near. A lovely rose!
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How BS resistant is it for you?
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Available from - Chamblees
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Initial post 18 OCT 15 by Beth, Forney, TX 8a
In the spring it is a beautiful bloom. The stripes have a lot of contrast and she just draws your attention. I grow mine in a 14" pot and she does just fine. I am about 20 miles from Dallas, Tx 8a so we have above 90 and often above 100 degree days from June to September. Starting at about 85 degrees TD slows way down on producing blooms and what blooms she has become a scarlet red. No orange and no stripes. She is worth having though because of her beautiful spring show.
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