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Idaho, United States
Here in the beautiful town of Hayden Idaho, we have four true seasons; we are tucked deep in the forests of the Selkirk Mountains. The mountains stand tall and the lakes run deep there are more deep, elk, moose, and bears then there are people. Due to our topology, we have mixed zones ranges within 15 miles of each other with frequent sub micro zones within that space.

My home is zone 6\5b and sits on around 7 acres you will often find me with my head down picking, pulling and clipping flowers out in the yard. This is a particular excited year since studying all winter on growing disease resistant roses. Last year I knew almost nothing about roses and spent most of my time growing fruit trees, Japanese Maples, Hops, and wisteria. One of my favorite reads of this winter was (150 Roses without Chemicals) by Peter Kukielski. My passion for Roses all started due to single rose that put me down for the count, This "Knockout" rose made me feel like I was a natural master rosearian. Nevertheless, I soon found out the true meaning for the saying. A "Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose." written by Gertrude Stein because today I know those four roses only share the name (rose) other than that they are nothing alike. :)

Knockout woke me up to blooms within your landscape could be enjoyed for months rather than days, or a few weeks, and when winter last as long as it does here the more color the faster Cabin Fever dissipates. Soon I was addicted and my family was goggle searching (Rose addicts clubs) nevertheless it was them that would change, as they are all garden rose heads. The year of 2016 is one of hope as I observer all the wonderful shades of life bleeding into my estate.
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