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Andrew from Dolton
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Andrew from Dolton
Devon, United Kingdom
"Find something you're passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it".

I do not remember a time when roses were not part of my life:

"Look, they’re wearing little hats", half a dozen sunflower seedlings germinating in a terracotta pot, my maternal grandmother demonstrating to me how seeds grew, (the testa still adhering to the cotyledons), she then showed me how to plant some myself; transfixed and fascinated, I have been ever since, spellbound in the greenhouse I must have been three or just turned four. One of the earliest things I can remember.
"I must spray me roses", (there was a bed of hybrid teas and floribunda roses adjacent to the greenhouse), she said as we left the greenhouse and I recall that from being told off by my parents for using incorrect pronouns after saying ME instead of MY; "But Nana said it like that…".

All my life, I have been interested in roses, (fifty seasons now). I am a professional gardener, cert. hort. (Wisley 1985). I live in North Devon in the south-west of England. My cottage is at the bottom of a valley in a ferocious frost pocket, I can get frosts every month of the year. I grow about 100 different roses along with perhaps 200 other mixed trees and shrubs as well. E.G.F. zone H4, slightly acidic well draining fibrous loam very high rain fall throughout the year, (average p/a around 1500mm), Latitude 50.89 Longitude -4.03c. Cool summers with low night time temperatures, heavy dew, desperately bad for blackspot, yet still I persist...

I write about my garden and some of my roses in our village magazine. You can read about it too by clicking on the Journal tab above.
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