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Initial post 2 JAN 18 by Vườn Bốn Mùa
This rose petals would be burnt to crisp under strong sun. Under tropic sun, 8 hours a day, it fades and burnt badly. I'd suggest a part shade location.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 30 MAY 18 by jmile
I live in California where we have 100 degree weather a lot of the summer. I have 2 Augusta Luise roses in complete sun all day. They bloom all the time. They love the sun here.
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Initial post 22 OCT 07 by wordycat
This is a very beautiful rose! I won best novice at my local rose society's rose show this year with it.
I was wondering if anyone can tell me more about this rose. It does not rebloom at all for me and has a big problem with powdery mildew. Any comments would be appreciated!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 27 DEC 17 by Four Seasons Garden
I don't have problems with powdery mildew, but I also have problem of no flowering. Quite disappointed.
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Initial post 19 DEC 17 by Vườn Bốn Mùa
I don't know why it was introduced as very disease resistance. In my hot and humid climate, it's a blackspot magnet and constantly without leaves.
It is hardy though. Tough rose. And it gets octopus like a true climber.
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Initial post 27 NOV 17 by Vườn Bốn Mùa
An excellent rose, can survive in my tropical heat + humidity. Lovely colors, too!
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