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Initial post 10 MAY by viscount89
This is my first flush of blooms from White Lies. So far, so good. I must note that it is not supposed to have any fragrance. All of my blooms (over 25 of them) have a strong scent that smells like fresh peaches. What a welcome surprise.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 MAY by Nastarana
Is this a seedling of 'Double Delight'?
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Initial post 28 SEP 18 by Michael Garhart
From pics, looks like a Double Knock Out hybrid with HT type. No confirmation yet.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 15 DEC 18 by goncmg
This one caught my eye in the J&P catalogue. The photo there makes the bloom appear bigger, full, modestly formal in shape, light red with somewhat creamy red tones. Appears there like something I would love. Photos here look totally different, rounded bloom, generic "Knock Out" magenta-ish color, blooms rounded and ruffled and smallish. Looks like something I would not love. Does look like it might readily set hips. But here looks totally generic with a strident color. Have you seen it or grown it, Michael? Any updates?
Reply #2 of 4 posted 20 DEC 18 by viscount89
In cooler weather, it is magenta with gorgeous red tones on the edges of the petals. In the heat, it is a bright magenta. Much prettier than KNOCKOUT. Plus, it has a nice, lush petal texture. Mine is own root and 2 years old.
The scent is divine...
Reply #3 of 4 posted 13 SEP 19 by Michael Garhart
No updates. I never grew it.

I was almost right. It was KO and not DKO but close enough.

I have Claret, which I ADORE, so most of these dark HTs would have to really wow me to try something new in that category.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 26 APR by Shane G
I have only grown it one year, but it seems like a winner.

The positives: Great fragrance, rounded bush form, heavy flowering, and very winter hardy (very little dieback in my zone 5 exposed garden...rare for a hybrid tea).

The negatives: Gets mildew if the conditions are right for it. Color is magenta red, not true red. Smallish blooms for a hybrid tea.

I can't speak for blackspot resistance since I don't get much in my area.
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Initial post 24 APR by viscount89
This is the perfect red rose for the lazy gardener. It likes sun, and it gets tall...but if you just fertilize it and water will feel like an expert. Fantastic blooms, extremely disease resistant, and pretty much fuss-free. It a blooming machine!
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Initial post 18 APR by viscount89
Excellent disease resistance, exquisite compact form, and continuous repeat blooming spring through fall are great characteristics of this fine polyantha.
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