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Initial post 12 FEB by CCampbell

I am the owner of Chamblee’s Rose Nursery. We recently have been working with Brad Jalbert to introduce his roses here in the US. We asked Brad about a specific variety, “Loretta Lynn Van Leer”, and he unfortunately lost his plant of it and his supplier stopped reproducing the plant as well. We are hoping to save this variety from going extinct. If you would be willing to share some cuttings with us, we would be most appreciative.

Thank you for your consideration! Feel free to send a private message or reply here.

Thank you!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 JUL by Witchy
I just saw this I'm sorry. I remember that plant, and it died.
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Initial post 9 JUN 20 by Witchy
Zone 6B update. I have 3 of these. The oldest one is over 5 years old, and was moved from my old house in SC. No dieback this winter on any of them. Still my healthiest roses. I do nothing special. No winter protection. I wish they all grew like these.
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Initial post 4 MAY 18 by Witchy
Chamblee sells this as 1 gal own root. (Where I purchased mine) In 6b WV it had zero winter damage (2017/18 bad winter with Feb warm up dipping back to cold), and is putting up laterals now on the main canes I trained horizontal after I planted it last spring. I hope more people chime in, because this is an excellent rose in every way. Huge opening layer cake blooms. It's the first climber I would recommend to someone. I never sprayed it, and it only had a couple old leaves spot. Mine is planted out in the open, where it got wind 24/7. I suspect it would do ok for someone in a colder zone.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 13 JUN 19 by AnnaR
I agree. The color is fabulous and the fragrance is even better. A very health and vigorous rose here in zone 6 facing bitter winds from the Hudson river. Vigorous own root plant. Blooms the entire season. Gorgeous as a cut flower.
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Initial post 23 MAY 19 by Witchy
Survived winter here in 6b WV. Same as Belinda's Dream. Nice and healthy like the original.
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