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Initial post 16 APR 18 by FuzzyBee
I just acquired this rose from the sick bay at Bunnings. It has a “Smooth Touch” brand tag with this description:

“This charming floribunda rose has many clusters of creamy white blooms with softly ruffled edges and subtle sweet fragrance. The compact bush, which flowers continuously throughout the growing season, has a good cover of healthy dark green foliage, almost no thorns and grows to 80 cm high.”

Most Google results are reiterations of this same blurb, although the Smooth Touch website itself doesn’t name Smooth Snowflake as a floribunda (or a hybrid tea like on the entry here or anything else), and if the ST site is visited normally (and not by clicking on a search result), the Smooth Snowflake page isn’t found.

(The rose is currently too poorly to tell if it seems more HT or floribunda. Fingers crossed that it improves soon!)
Reply #1 of 1 posted 17 APR 18 by Patricia Routley
Thanks for that FuzzyBee. Harvey Davidson's roses are marketed through the wholesaler, Wallara Roses, in Victoria. I have twice asked them to list their roses on HelpMeFind and while they have responded to another question, they do not respond to listing their roses with us. I note their website does not list the codes, or very much information about the individual roses, that I can see - just a photo of each rose.
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Initial post 25 MAR 18 by FuzzyBee
Alister Clark writes the following on page 46 of The Australian and New Zealand Rose Annual (1943):

“Take a rose like Christopher Stone, a perfectly beautiful rose of unrivalled brilliance, with deep shading, and yet we are told is too thin even in England. If it were much fuller it probably would not display its gorgeous sheen.”
Reply #1 of 2 posted 25 MAR 18 by Patricia Routley
Thank you FuzzyBee. Reference added.
I am glad you are enjoying and gleaning these old Annuals. I have loved them too and am currently adding all the New Introductions to HelpMeFind and am up to 1960. In addition, I have indexed all the roses ever mentioned in these Australian Rose Annuals from 1928 to 2015 and if you are searching for a particular rose, these indices are on the Heritage Roses in Australia website, and also on the National Rose Society website.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 31 MAR 18 by FuzzyBee
Thanks, Patricia! Your indices are a boon even to haphazard dabblers like myself, so thank you so much for the work you've done. I'm taking my time and savouring the 1943 annual - no used book sale shall be safe from me until I have them all, haha.
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