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Nola Z5a WI
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Initial post 13 MAY by goncmg
Horrible names, all of them that it goes by. Rescued this one last year from the death cart at a big box store, almost free, rescued it despite the awful Rachel Ray-esque most common name. It’s a very good rose. It’s not my ideal esthetic as a Hybrid Tea as the blooms are cupped and David Austen-ish but that is going to make many people very, very happy. Color is bright, relatively unfading, deep saturated satin pink and the foliage is dark green, large, gorgeous. Plant grows more columnar than wide which with limited space I appreciate. The scent is divine, insane, rich, heady, old rose perfume & fresh grapefruit and it both wafts in the air outside and stays with the bloom for days when the bloom is cut. General impression is that of a distinction lacking typical Buck rose but with insane strong fragrance and an almost English Rose form. It’s going to ring a lot of bells, most consumers will find it appealing and it seems eager and easy to grow. I myself don’t love it. I’m glad I saved it. But sort of hate myself for saving that plant, too.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 13 MAY by Marlorena
I'm glad you saved it, and I hope you get to like it more. I agree with all you said, too many names most of which do not do the plant justice. It's a fabulous rose where I am in England, and one of the best I've grown I think, considering all round qualities, including the deep, dark velvety red buds. It's exceptional.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 25 MAY by Nola Z5a WI
What size does this rose get to?
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Initial post 13 JUN 16 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Bought this as gallon-sized own-root: The foliage is medium-green and glossy, this rose needs space, it throws out far-reaching laterals, much wider than stated in HMF. The scent started out clove, and end with "floral grassy", very pleasant. This rose does best in morning sun, and blooms fried n hot full-sun above 90 F. It's low-thorn & pretty foliage.
Reply #1 of 22 posted 12 JUN 17 by Lavenderlace
Straw, how is this one working out for you? Do you still like the scent?
Reply #2 of 22 posted 12 JUN 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
The blooms actually look pretty good in today's heat of 92 F, compared to Blue Girl. The scent is grassy-clove, I would rate it 6 out of 10. It's NOT meant to stick one's nose close-up, but in a vase it gives off a pleasant wafting scent. Yes, I recommend it for hot & dry climate .. it actually look better in dry heat, than after heavy rain .. blooms turned ugly-brown with rain. It's very beautiful as a landscape bush, very glossy & pretty foliage. As a 2nd year own-root, the root is deep enough for once-a-week watering in full-sun & above 90 F. I put 2 bags of sand for that spot, since it's right below the rain-spout.
Reply #3 of 22 posted 12 JUN 17 by Lavenderlace
Thank you, it's certainly beautiful enough!
Reply #4 of 22 posted 13 JUN 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Forget to inform you that Poseidon fried at above 90 F, full-sun into crispy-blue at end of day, still look good !! I suspect the blue roses don't like hot full sun.
Reply #5 of 22 posted 13 JUN 17 by Lavenderlace
Thanks for the extra info! My Neptunes have afternoon shade in the pots and it sounds like I need to plant them that way also. I am frying about a half dozen Angel Face though, so far, so good!
Reply #6 of 22 posted 13 JUN 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Dee-lish doesn't fry whatsoever as own-root. It's in full sun. Yesterday was 92 F, with strong wind that made Madame I. Periere's blooms shatter immediately. But Dee-lish didn't shatter with strong wind. It's the most enjoyable cut-blooms to sniff (yummy fruit in alkaline clay, but perfume in potting soil). The blooms have gorgeous swirls, I wish Dee-lish would come in blue, purple, and orange !! There's Soleil d' Or, which is a Foetida/Pernetiana with orange swirls, and thrive in hot & dry & alkaline .. that's hardy in zone 5, but I have a hunch that Soleil d'Or prefers loamy/sandy soil.
Reply #7 of 22 posted 13 JUN 17 by Lavenderlace
I had Dee-Lish on my list but was worried that she would prefer clay?
Reply #8 of 22 posted 13 JUN 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Both Poseidon and Dee-lish were super-vigorous in MG-moisture control potting soil (but I punched a dozen holes in the pot so it was very fast-draining). Since Dee-lish has many thick-petals, I would put as much potting soil as possible for a dry/hot climate. Some roses are worth the entire bag of potting soil, just to keep them moist.
Reply #9 of 22 posted 13 JUN 17 by Lavenderlace
Thank you!
Reply #10 of 22 posted 18 AUG 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Poseidon is a gem as 2nd-year-own root, it far-surpasses Lagerfeld in all aspects. Cannot find any blackspot on Poseidon regardless of weather, be it 3 weeks of hot & dry & no rain, or tons of acidic rain. It's the best-looking bush & continuous bloomer in my garden, and blooms can take full-sun better than Blue girl. The best aspect of Poseidon is when it's over 90 F, blooms turn darker-blue rather than faded. I'm moving Lagerfeld OUT-OF-SIGHT, since it's so floppy & faded, but Poseidon deserves the ideal spot for admiration of its bush-beauty. Poseidon is almost thornless and never poke me like Nahema.
Reply #11 of 22 posted 18 AUG 17 by Lavenderlace
How is the fragrance?

I'm afraid that I've been disappointed with Lagerfeld also this summer. The beautiful blooms of spring have turned into floppy dirty white with not much fragrance. He's blooming in the heat but they are ugly and small now. Those in the ground and in pots all have afternoon shade but it's not enough.
Reply #12 of 22 posted 18 AUG 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
The scent of Poseidon is strong clove with rain water, but turns floral/grassy in the vase with my alkaline tap water. I like the scent in the vase better than in the ground. My Poseidon is still in full-sun, above 90 F turn blooms into darker blue. Lasts at least 4 days in the vase if cut in buds.
Reply #13 of 22 posted 18 AUG 17 by Lavenderlace
Thanks! I might try even more shade on the pots to see if it helps. On Poseidon, the HMF description says that it doesn't like warmer climates so that's why I've been afraid to try them.
Reply #14 of 22 posted 18 AUG 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Lagerfeld is the one that doesn't like it hot & dry. The minute we don't have rain, and watered with alkaline-tap at pH 9, Lagerfeld broke out in blackspots & yellow leaves, while Poseidon is 100% healthy. As own-root Poseidon has HUGE & DEEP root and is drought-tolerant. It's healthy in MG-potting soil as well as my rock-hard-clay.
Reply #15 of 22 posted 18 AUG 17 by Lavenderlace
That's interesting to compare, thanks! I haven't seen a hint of blackspot in sandy soil but I do water a lot with well water at pH 7.
Reply #16 of 22 posted 18 AUG 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
Excellent info, !! My high-pH tap-water hardens the soil, so water can't move upward in hot & dry weather .. so roses break out in blackspot. In contrast, acidic rain water softens and loosens my clay, so water can be transported upward.
Reply #17 of 22 posted 18 AUG 17 by Lavenderlace
Thanks for the info and the great report on Poseidon!
Reply #18 of 22 posted 30 AUG 17 by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
After tons of rain, picked 3 blue-blooms for the vase today: Poseidon, Bluegirl, and Lagerfeld. Poseidon is the prettiest: deepest blue color & many petals & last up to a week (if picked in bud), and the scent becomes stronger in the vase. Its scent ranges from clove (if watered with my pH 9 tap-water), to aromatic grassy floral (in the vase), to floral & Old-rose (with acidic rain water at pH 4.5). Bluegirl loses its scent in the vase, and Lagerfeld scent lessens, versus Poseidon's scent becomes stronger & wafting in the vase.

Poseidon is the best blue-flower for the vase. It's a continuous bloomer, very short pause in between.
Reply #19 of 22 posted 30 AUG 17 by Lavenderlace
Thanks for the excellent review!
Reply #20 of 22 posted 10 MAY by Nola Z5a WI
What size is this bush now and how many years have you had it planted please? Is there any updates?
Reply #21 of 22 posted 10 MAY by StrawChicago Alkaline clay 5a
My Poseidon is an 8th-year own root, always green to the tip through my zone 5a winter, except for this winter (1/2 canes are green to 3 feet, the other 1/2 cane are down to 1 foot). It's a continuous bloomer since there are at least 40+ blooms that open gradually, rather than all at once. Will post pics. of recent years in the photo section. Bush is 4' x 2.5', it gets wider as it matures.
Reply #22 of 22 posted 24 MAY by Nola Z5a WI
Thanks Straw! That's actually a great size for where I have it.
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Initial post 24 SEP by Nola Z5a WI
Lady of Shalott is 4 years old and size in my garden z5a WI is 5'x4'. Almost always has gorgeous blooms on it, and is very reliable. Average annual rainfall 46" here, average to alkaline soil. This rose has been through -26 degree polar vortex and is doing fine. She takes the wind and rain like a champ. I highly recommend it and wouldn't be without it in my garden.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 21 MAY by PepperReed
Thanks for this feedback! I'm Z5b Mid-MI on an open hilltop, so hardy roses are a necessity. Hearing that LoS does well for you, in a similar climate, puts this beauty on my Must Have List.
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Initial post 20 JUL 21 by Nola Z5a WI
High Country Roses lists Indigo as zone 4. I'll be planting it this fall in z5a. The reason I post the comment that High Country Roses states zone 4 is so that people who live in colder climates can decide if they want to chance it. The Advanced Search tool won't be as helpful to me and other cold rose growers if roses are in the z6-9 (default), as roses listed in the z6-9 won't show if I do a search for zone 5a. I do grow z6 roses because I winter protect with mulch and haven't lost any, must be a micro climate? I realize that growers want to sell roses so may state the rose will grow in a colder climate, so far, not a problem in my garden. Several members comment that they grow it in zone 5. I will update if it fails.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 21 JUL 21 by Nastarana
It grows well for me in zone 5, upstate NY. One caution, for me it was a slow starter, but I have it in a partly shaded area. It does fine left on its own now, but might need TLC the first year or two.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 21 JUL 21 by Nola Z5a WI
May I ask how long you've had it planted? What size it is and how frequently it blooms? Do you winter protect? Thanks!
Reply #3 of 4 posted 22 JUL 21 by Nastarana
I have had it about 8 or 9 years now. I do not winter protect Portlands, albas or rugosas. Indigo is far less prone to leaf browning, known as "Damask crud"; than many of the others of the Portland group. Size in a partly shaded location: it grows tall and narrow but I think that is because it is reaching for light. I suspect it would make a nice small to medium sized bush with more sunlight.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 21 APR by OGRfairy
Thank you for sharing this information! I am also in Z5a in NE WI. How did she do this winter?
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