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Initial post 10 OCT by Ms.Lefty
Does anybody growing this rose comment on its hardiness? I know that Don & Jan Rogers, who introduced it, are in Zone 8b-9a. I'm in Zone 7b, where most teas, noisettes, chinas, etc. do fine, but I was just wondering if anyone else can comment.
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Initial post 23 JUN by Ms.Lefty
Ludwig's Roses in South Africa lists it in their 2017/18 catalog, Page 43 (with photo). They don't appear to do mail-order, though.They compare it to the HM "Ballerina." I may have to go back to the Home Depot and buy one!

Perfumed Breeze BARise (N)
With a hundred and more small double fragrant blooms on the end of a single arching cane this rose is bound to create a perfued breeze. This spreading shrub not unlike 'Ballerina' spreads to a 2m wide, 3m high free standing specimen and will excel when trained on a pole, fence or trellis. Provides an unbelievable feature as a standard.

Plant Height: Shoulder Height
Colours: Cream , Soft pink , White
Uses: Exhibition Cluster, Trellis
Reply #1 of 2 posted 25 JUN by Patricia Routley
Thanks Ms. Lefty. I have added that reference.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 26 JUN by Ms.Lefty
Thanks, as always, Patricia! I bought a "Perfume Breeze" at a nearby Home De(s)pot today and added a journal entry. This should be an interesting journey.
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Initial post 23 JUN by Ms.Lefty
I saw this rose for sale today at the Home Depot in Catonsvile, Maryland. To me, the flowers resemble those of a hybrid musk or even an old noisette. It will be interesting to find out its bloodline.

According to Regan Nursery: "Described as a wisteria-like climber with subtle vining stems.Small blooms are borne in pendulous clusters. Soft pink and white flowers."

I'm debating whether to buy it, or just order a "real" noisette/hybrid musk.
most recent 23 JUN HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 JUN by Ms.Lefty
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