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Initial post 17 JAN by happymaryellen
I have a carding mill that’s been in the soil for a year and a half. I would say it’s performance was Soso, and the leaves definitely showed some disease that I didn’t find appealing. Problem might be that it does get shaded by a rose behind it. So I was thinking of moving it either to a hole in the ground that has a little bit of a drainage problem or a large pot in an area that’s very sunny. Any thoughts from anybody???
Reply #1 of 1 posted 18 MAY by ThornyRambler
I think it would be happier in a large pot in a sunny spot.

Mine has been nothing but healthy on its own roots for a similar amount of time here in my garden. However, it did start a little slowly and showed noticeable improvement when I top dressed it with some composted chicken manure - my soil is lean and very well draining and it rains quite a lot here. I don't think it would like a spot with a drainage problem, despite how healthy it's been for me. Or maybe just give it some more time?
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Initial post 20 NOV by smashzen
For those of you who has the climbing version, what's the average maximum heigh? do you thing I could cover a pergola?
Reply #1 of 7 posted 21 NOV by Jay-Jay
Is there a climbing version? The Lady her-selves isn't that vigorous, to be able to cover a pergola in my opinion/experience.
Some other Austins are. Both suitable as a shrub and as respectable climbers.
Reply #2 of 7 posted 21 NOV by smashzen
yep, it is sold only in warmer countries (I guess is the regular LadyOS that performs as a small climber in a warmer climate), anyway the DA website states her as a "small climber" with a 250cm height, just trying to figure out from personal experience if the average heigh is approximately the same as DA website.
Reply #3 of 7 posted 21 NOV by Marlorena
Here in England.. approx zone's grown as either a medium shrub about 5 feet or very large shrub to 10-12 feet, especially against a wall or trellis.. according to conditions, and requirements.... the structure takes the rose upwards..
Because of its rather stiff nature, upright growth which can be fan trained, I would doubt its suitability for a pergola, except against the upright posts.. if I wanted a rose for across the top of a pergola, I'd want one that hangs its blooms somewhat downwards... LoS has outward or upward facing blooms mostly..
Reply #4 of 7 posted 22 NOV by Jay-Jay
Abraham Darby is very apt to cover a pergola, with its neighing heads and long flexible canes. Flowered repeatedly and abundantly the last 3 years from 1/2 April till the frosts kick(ed) in.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 22 NOV by Marlorena has a good scent too doesn't it Jay-Jay?.. I've only sniffed it once and I thought it was nice... good to know that information.. I'm up to my neck in roses right now, but it's one I keep meaning to try... not easy to find here these days.. Abraham Darby that is..
Reply #6 of 7 posted 22 NOV by Jay-Jay
It has a very good scent. Strong rose/citrus. Harmonious.
We wrote about Abraham Darby earlier Marlorena. When not sold in Britain... it's relatively easy to propagate from cuttings or by oculation/bud-grafting on a rootstock.
Reply #7 of 7 posted 29 MAR by ThornyRambler
There is no climbing version - they are the same exact rose, only listed as a "climber" or a "shrub" and completely dependent on pruning/training, growing region etc.

She is vigorous though...
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