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7 AUG 21
This classic velvet red rose with the look and aroma of a teen 1960's crush didn't make it overwinter in 5a 2021.
This is not too surprising, since it is zoned 6a, but my juvenile efforts to protect it caused a painful death in the spring. It handled the winter well in the cold greenhouse - the main function of which ended up being wind protection and dessication protection. Once spring thaws and freezes commenced, it died piece by piece - sometimes "bleeding" a dark fluid. The guilt!!!!
I vowed not to plant the rose again until I knew what to do to protect it.
Next spring, I'll buy another (maybe Weeks) rose and in the fall will cover w hoop and burlap and mound mulch around on the outside of the burlap leaving the top open with just the burlap cover. I'll plant it on a south facing, wind protected, well mulched area.
I'll let you know how it went.
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