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Roses, Clematis and Peonies
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I’ve been gardening for well over 40 years - starting as a university student. Gardening has been the one constant in my life and provides structure and pleasure to my days. It is a creative outlet and I enjoy the design side and visualising where the garden is heading as life and the world changes around me. My current garden is a mixture of productive gardening (large terraced veggie garden, a grove of citrus and espaliered berries and fruit trees) and ornamental gardens. We are just finishing the latest addition to the garden - a formal fish pond that runs along the boardwalk to the front door (now for the fun part - plant selection and then fish). My plant preferences run the gamut from old roses to Australian natives, perennials to succulents, orchids (exotic and native) and hellebores. The challenge is always to find a way to grow plants in a way that is aesthetically pleasing (to me!) taking into account colours, textures, shapes and size as well as horticulturally sensible (water and fertiliser requirements, sun and shade etc). A garden is always a work in progress - or mine is anyway!
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