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sandsock (PNW 8a)
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Initial post 31 JUL 19 by johnm99
Had high hopes, but sadly this is the worst plant I have had for balling up in a long time. Most blooms are a mess, even without much/any rain, cool sunny weather.
Reply #1 of 11 posted 2 JAN 20 by HappyRose
how did it do overall this year. what region are you? I am in Austin texas
Reply #2 of 11 posted 2 JAN 20 by johnm99
Quite different from you - Victoria BC - temperate marine climate - almost no snow/freezing temps, not very hot in summer, rain about 30" a year, mostly Oct-Apr. I am sure it would perform better in a hotter drier climate.
Reply #3 of 11 posted 2 JAN 20 by johnm99
and forgot to add - I got a total of ZERO open flowers this year. The worst rose I have ever had, I would have to say....I have had over 750 different roses, and never had one that balled this badly.
Reply #4 of 11 posted 3 JAN 20 by HappyRose
what are your favorite roses from your extensive rose history?
Reply #5 of 11 posted 16 DEC 21 by sandsock (PNW 8a)
I have to agree with John. this rose does not do well in rain. We get rain all June and until July 4th, so the first spring flush is totally ruined. Mine does repeat, but I have to hope that it doesn't rain. Fall bloom is wonderful, but I certainly needs feeding lots in a pot. Also mine is own root, which got big quickly, but does not bloom until the 2nd year here.
Reply #6 of 11 posted 10 APR 22 by MPars91
Hi, is there a recommendation to add for shade/taking care of too much rain? I got mine in October of last year and am in Fort Worth, TX (zone 8). I was shocked that I got one bloom last year and am looking forward to the 2 that seem to be underway. We are about to get a bunch of rain now that its April. Is setting up a tarp to aid too much sun and rain going too far? haha I am considering it!
Reply #7 of 11 posted 10 APR 22 by johnm99
Rose exhibitors sometimes use little hats to cover up blooms. These are like paper cones on a little metal stick, and I used to be crazy enough to exhibit roses and cover up a lot of blooms like that. Too lazy now. If it works, why not!
I am sure this rose does well in some climates but it has not worked well for me in Victoria BC or for my friends in the Fraser valley in the Vancouver area
Reply #8 of 11 posted 28 MAY 22 by Robert Edgin
Just had 1/2 inch of rain in under 1/2 hour (a downpour). Severe thunderstorms passed through the area. No balling of blooms. Wind blew out the fading blooms.
Reply #9 of 11 posted 14 OCT 22 by Silvermoss
In Sydney with La NiƱa we have had more-than-usual rain for us recently. The flowers to date have not been affected and are still gorgeous. I understand however that what is a lot of rain for us may not be a lot of rain for elsewhere! Flowers last up to 6 days when cut as an open bud, usually lasts 4-5 days.

Update: Petal count in 90s now in summer, Sydney Australia.
Reply #10 of 11 posted 14 OCT 22 by johnm99
Well, it IS a very nice rose when it opens well. But maybe it is different in Australia? After all, your rain is upside down! :)

Once the blooms have opened, it seems rain doesn't wreck them - but it was in the earlier stages of bud opening where things went wrong for me, where the edges of the petals fail to separate. I have just assumed it was because of moisture, but it could be for many other reasons causing either increased adherence, decreased petal substance etc
Reply #11 of 11 posted 14 OCT 22 by Silvermoss
:) A lot of rain for us at this time of year is 50mm in a week, raining 3-5 days in the week.
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Initial post 5 SEP 22 by sandsock (PNW 8a)
Bunny Guinness, David Austin's niece and garden designer talks about this rose as an Alba relative. This is the one David was most proud of. In her UK climate, it flowers well and has a light apple cinnamon scent. For her it is vigorous and forms a nice bushy shape with great disease resistance. Her zone would be 8-9 in the US more like the wet PNW.
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Initial post 23 JUN 22 by sandsock (PNW 8a)
As of 2022 Benjamin Britten has not been patented in the US. It grows fairly well own root in the wet PNW in the ground, not so well in a pot. I have tried to propagate it, but have not succeeded yet.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 28 JUN 22 by chrissam81
Hi, If you succeed in rooting this rose (Benjamin Britten), please let me know. I would like to buy from you. I have some Kordes roses and a David Austin rose Heritage. I can share with you if you are interested, Thanks.
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Initial post 24 JUN 22 by sandsock (PNW 8a)
Wow, this is an amazingly disease resistant rose in the wet PNW. Blooms well and I love the fruity fragrance.
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