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Initial post today by Bug_girl
Should the list of alternate names include Arborose Jasmina?
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Initial post yesterday by Bug_girl
I received a miss-labeled rose that looks just like this one. The size is accurate, it blooms through triple-digit heat, cool weather it is more orange, and hot weather more coral. It fades to pale orange. But, it doesn't look like this has been released in the USA. I am positive it isnt Livin' Easy, or At Last.
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Initial post 19 JUL by ParisRoseLady
Posting on July 18, 2023. One Love Farms recently acquired the formerly illustrious Chamblee's Rose Nursery, a wonderful, honorable nursery under the original Chamblee family since 1953. About 6 years ago, Chamblees sold to a second owner, and it carried on quite well, although I would say less successfully than with the founders. Now, One Love Farms has taken ownership of this nursery brand. In a few short months, they have run this company into the ground. They take online orders for roses, with payment, and then do not ship the plants, with no emails, phone calls, explanations, etc. The phone does not answer, it goes into an anonymous voice mail. They do not respond to emails. They simply take people's money. The consumer review website is filling up with bewildered people who have ordered from Chamblees (aka the One Love Farms ownership), who have all been scammed by this company. I have been 'taken' for $168 this past May for 5 roses that were paid for, but never shipped. I have subsequently filed claims with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), the Texas Attorney General's Office, and the Federal Trade Commission consumer affairs fraud department, as well my credit union -- still waiting for a resolution. All that to say, that 'One Love Farms' is a NO LOVE operation, whether they be operating as Chamblee's, or as this other online nursery. Please STAY AWAY from these people, they are BAD NEWS. PS: HMF Admin, you should REMOVE this company from the database!
Reply #1 of 5 posted 19 JUL by HMF Admin
Thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention as well as the HMF rose community
Reply #2 of 5 posted 19 JUL by jedmar
Any other members who have had issues in dealing with One Love Farms? They have the same address as Chamblees in Dallas, TX. On Google maps there are no significant facilities at that address,
Reply #3 of 5 posted 10 SEP by TaysDragon
I purchased two 1-gallon roses from One Love Farms in August 2023. I am very happy with my order. They sent healthy, well branched plants that are still thriving in my garden. Both arrived with flower buds, which I pinched off immediately. I normally do this on young plants so the rose plant will focus more on growth than flowers. Both roses are still doing great. These plants are not as big as the 1 gallon roses from Heirloom Roses, but these were also half the cost of Heirloom's roses. Some places sell small bands for what I paid for these 1 gallons. Great branching, pristinely healthy plants, and great price. I will buy from them again.
Reply #4 of 5 posted 12 SEP by ParisRoseLady
If One Love Farms is NOT the same ownership as Chemblee's, they need to come out of the woodwork and explain why they have identical addresses. If they ARE the same ownership as Chamblee's, I understand why they are hiding out. The latest review re: Chamblee's on Yelp is from today, 9/11/23: No products are shipped after payment. See the BBB website for others reporting this company as scammers. An 8/18/23 review on BBB reads as follows: Buyer beware! Cole and Raul scam buyers thousands of dollars by taking deposits and never deliver. Lies after lies. They know how to play these games well. If you click on the profile for One Love Farms here, Cole and Raul Campbell are listed as owners. How did these two names end up in a Chamblee's review on BBB?
Reply #5 of 5 posted 8 days ago by Bug_girl
They bought Chamblees. Looks like that turned into a hot mess for them.I
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Initial post 11 JUN by Bug_girl
Mine has a very nice fragrance. The blooms are so lovely.
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