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Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
'Saphir (hybrid tea, Delbard-Chabert, 1964)' rose photo
Photo courtesy of Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
California, United States
April 14, 2019: Unfortunately, on November 8, 2018 we lost our home and everything we had in the Camp Fire, the most destructive wildfire in California's history. At first I thought all my roses had died, as there wasn't much left but black twigs, or nothing at all. But over the next couple months new growth emerged and many of the roses are slowly coming back to life. Many died, and many that are coming back may end up being rootstock. It will be some time before I know which ones made it for sure and which ones did not. Sadly, I do know many of my rarer roses did not make it. I wish I had gotten cuttings out to someone before this happened. But who would ever think something this devastating could happen to you. You just cannot fathom it. It's a shock and a tragedy all the way around. But, like the roses, we will rise out of the ashes and start over again!
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