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Initial post 6 MAY 11 by Soden
To be perfectly correct: It is "Bad Soden am Taunus". I lived there until my age of 20 and Christoph and Ludwig Weigand are among my forefathers. Until today there is the gardener family Weigand in Bad Soden am Taunus, but they no longer breed roses nor even cultivate old Weigand roses.
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Thank you. Can you provide any additional details.
Reply #2 of 5 posted 29 JUN 11 by Soden
There is a scan of a local newspaper page (year 1936), giving informations in german language about the history of the Weigand gardener family from 1836 to 1936. I hope it can be read.
Reply #3 of 5 posted 29 JUN 11 by Soden
Dear admin, I see that the text is too small to be read. Is there a possibility to upload the picture with more details? My original jpg. is much better. Thank You!
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Email your jpg to our support dept and we'll talk a look. Thanks.
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Got it, thanks.
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Initial post 29 JUN 11 by Soden
In my family archive I found an interesting Weigand family photo from the year 1907. We can see Ludwig Weigand and Christoph Weigand as well as some family members that gave name to roses.
Sitting on chairs we have Christoph Weigand and his wife Elisabeth (“Frau E. Weigand”), parents of Ludwig Weigand.
There are 7 standing adults – in the center we see Ludwig Weigand. Beginning at the left we have Nr.3 Ludwig’s wife Susanna and Nr.5 Anna Rübsamen, married to Nr.6 Friedrich Weigand (“Dr. F. Weigand”). The boy standing in front of Nr.2 is Ernst Grandpierre.
The rose named “Susanna” could have the name of Ludwig Weigand’s wife or of his daughter (born in 1911).
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