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Marina's Garden. Crawfordville, FL
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Initial post 13 days ago by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
Hi Marina!

Hey I got a rose from Pam at Angel Gardens a couple of yrs ago to replace mine that died in the Camp Fire. She says she got it from you, but it is not the correct rose. It was supposed to be the gorgeous Meilland rose called CESAR. What she sent me looks very much like the pictures on Heirloom's website of the Ping Lim rose called CALYPSO. Did you ever have it and maybe sent her that by mistake? I'm just trying to ID it. And perchance do you still have the real CESAR? I would love to find cuttings somewhere...


Reply #1 of 4 posted 13 days ago by Marina's Garden. Crawfordville, FL
Hi Beth, yes I believe I could've shared cuttings of Cesar with Pam. Do you have a photo of your mislabeled rose? If it is something I gave her, I might be able to identify it. I never had or shared a Calypso with her though.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 13 days ago by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
Here are some pics. The colors range from pinks to peach to apricot, and the blooms are more of a semi-double. It blooms very frequently. So far it's about maybe 2½-3ft tall. I have it in a big ceramic pot. I don't recall any scent. I just looks so close to the pics on Heirloom's website of CALYPSO. But really, the pics here on HMF look a little different. I have no idea what it could be, and Pam apparently wasn't aware it wasn't the correct rose. I assume you no longer have CESAR, since it's not on your list.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 6 days ago by Marina's Garden. Crawfordville, FL
Hi Beth, sorry for replying so late. I sent a reply about a week ago but do not see it here for some reason.
I also received a mislabeled Cesar from Pam - it was an Acropolis (she's got both roses from me). Looking at your photos, I have another 'suspect' - Briosa by Barni. Look at the photos of it, there are a few that look very much like your three pictures.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 6 days ago by Beth's Northern CA Rose Garden
No problem! I don't think this is BRIOSA. The petals are not right. My rose has fewer petals and do not have that point in the center of the petal edge. They are rounded petals. I have no idea what it is!! I do know it is NOT ACROPOLIS tho!
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Initial post 3 AUG by MrsFishe
Marina- I’d LOVE to know where you found the Sabrina rose in the USA - I heard it was only available in France. My mother has the most amazing oasis backyard and has both my sisters namesakes in plants and I need to find her this so she has all the kids as plants! Beautiful garden!
Reply #1 of 1 posted 3 AUG by Marina's Garden. Crawfordville, FL
Hi, I was lucky to get a cutting from a friend who used to import roses from Europe.
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Initial post 19 MAR 20 by Rose_Insanity
I honestly think someone was trolling us with that first (lousy) rating of this rose. It has been an excellent performer here in black spot heaven... hot, humid East Tennessee. Our summers are torrid (days, nay, weeks of 90F and higher, 80% humidity); our winters are cold (down to snow); our Springs are fickle (50 degree swings in 36 hours, 70's to 20's!). Tupelo Honey has shrugged it ALL off like a trooper. So, I rated this rose fairly, which barely brought the average up to "good-". Don't let that deter you. It's a much better rose than its apparent rating here.
Reply #1 of 3 posted 17 MAY by Marina's Garden. Crawfordville, FL
I totally agree with you on 'Tupelo Honey'! Great rose for hot and humid climate.
Reply #2 of 3 posted 17 MAY by Rose_Insanity
Marina, a commendation from you should be all anyone needs to grow this rose, lol. Your roses are fabulous.

How do you like gardening in FL? I'm sure it's quite a change from your (wonderful) garden in VA.

Reply #3 of 3 posted 17 MAY by Marina's Garden. Crawfordville, FL
Hi John, that is funny! But, seriously, it is a very nice rose. Unlike many Kordes roses, it has good growth habit, healthy; the blooms are large and full. And fragrance!!! (I discovered it just today). My sniffer is pretty good and I detect awesome honeysuckle aroma.
I do miss my Virginia garden, but I don't miss Japanese beetles and Rose Rosette disease! There are different problems here though - nematode and chili thrips :) Gardening in Florida is challenging, I am still learning, trying, experimenting. I really love the fact that I can garden year round! Still evaluating different roses, some grow better here, some ...are already gone :) (dug out 'Quicksilver' the other day. Awful here!)
Thank you for you kind comments, John!
Have a blessed day!
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Initial post 17 MAY by Marina's Garden. Crawfordville, FL
My 'Tupelo Honey' has a very pleasant honeysuckle fragrance. What a surprise! After reading the description I never bothered to smell the rose. Until today. Wonderful solid honeysuckle fragrance!
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