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David Elliott
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Initial post 6 JUL by 59classic
I am looking for Amélie Gravereaux rose. If anyone knows of a source I would appreciate it.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 JUL by David Elliott
According to HMF this rose is available from Hortico, ON, Canada but I suspect that this is out of date. Brooks Alberta Heritage Rose Garden is not as active as it was in 2010 due to government cutbacks. This rose does exist in France and New Zealand, but it is very difficult to import plants now. I would suggest that you contact the American photographers of this rose on HMF, or heritage rose groups in the USA.
Crenagh Elliott
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Initial post 10 JAN by flodur
It has not " single blooms of sulphur yellow, which change and darken with age much in the manner of 'Mutabilis'."
Reply #1 of 2 posted 15 JAN by David Elliott
Unfortunately David Elliott cannot reply to this message. I suspect that the plant might have been miss labelled as David rarely put a photo in this site unless it was labelled. C. M. Elliott
Reply #2 of 2 posted 15 JAN by Patricia Routley
Crenagh, the photo in question seems to have been supplied by Jocelyn Janon, not David Elliott.
It apparently was originally taken by Ken Nobbs and supplied to Jocelyn by Ken’s daughter, Margaret Williams.
It does seem as though the photo may be incorrect. (I am wondering if it could be 'Daughter Margaret’).

My condolences on the loss of your husband.
GardenCorn Hill
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Initial post 13 JUN 21 by Patricia KS
This entry seems to have an error. Cornhill Nursery in New Brunswick is definitely not in zone 7a! I think they are actually zone 4.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 14 JUN 21 by David Elliott
Corn hill web site says zone 3b
Reply #2 of 2 posted 14 JUN 21 by HMF Admin
We have updated both the garden and nursery listings - thank you.
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Initial post 27 DEC 20 by canaan
Hello. you have in you garden the H.T. rose GEORGIA?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 27 DEC 20 by David Elliott
No, we are located in Victoria Canada. The rose Georgia is listed as being in a garden b the USA. Sorry cannot help further..
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