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16 OCT 06
Have 2 buds on Wedding Cake..I'm not sure I'm going to see them bloom before a freeze..I've been covering it at night when we get down in the low 30*'s..Praying to see just one bloom onn it this year...If it blooms I'll take 1-2 cuttings to try to start...:-)
8 MAR 06
None rooted
23 JAN 06
Attempting to root:
Arthur de Sansal
Baron Girod de l'Ain
Buff beauty
Captain Christy
Louise Odier
Madame de la Rôche-Lambert
Madame Joseph Schwartz
Mrs. John Laing
Panachée de Lyon
Paul Neyron
Reine de Violettes
Souvenir du Docteur Jamain

Oct 28th,06
Several of the roses rooted,but only the ones I rooted in choir..and the tags got mixed up so I think I have 5 different kinds at least I'm hoping they are different...
I did root Crépuscule in the ground...I'm praying they all make it through there first winter here...:-)
I'll update which have rooted when they bloom so I can ID them..:-)
8 JAN 06
I just bought Wedding Cake waiting to add it to my rose list...also bought Green Diamonds my first bought mini and Brown velvet...from Uncommon Rose.
Oct 28th 2006
Wedding cake is still hanging in there and about to bloom,but I'm not sure I'll see them before winter..Brown Velvet and Green Dianmonds both died just a feww weeks after I got them..I'm not very happy with Uncommon Rose..I suppose I will try them 1 more time before I bad mouth them..they did give me a refund but I really wanted both of those roses...:-(
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