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Shelley H
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Initial post 10 JUL 10 by John Moody
This certainly doesn't look like any of my Serendipity blooms or any photos of the flower I have ever seen. I think this is too pink to be Serendipity, but I could be wrong depending on where/what zone this photo was taken in.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 JUL 10 by Shelley H
You could be right. But when I purchased 2 of them, the roses were exactly the same. All of the other roses purchased from this dealer were accurate.
MemberShelley H
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Initial post 7 MAY 10 by bloomorelse
Hi Shelley,
How does this rose grow for you. What can I expect in way of mature height? Just planted last summer, and although we had a mild winter, it has about 2 feet of live canes to start off the season.
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Initial post 12 MAY 09
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Reply #1 of 1 posted 12 MAY 09 by Shelley H
This bloom is an older one and the petals are generally not fringed like Fimbriata. If you look at my photo from 2008 the bloom looks quite different.
I don't have Fimbriata.....yet.
Reply #2 of 1 posted 14 MAY 09 by Unregistered Guest
Ok, thanks for the clarification... I had 'Fimbriata' in the past, but it became a monster so I gave it to a neighbor who loves it. I planted 'Martin Frobisher' in its' place and we're both happy now.
Brother Cadfael
MemberShelley H
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Initial post 6 JAN 09 by bloomorelse
Shelley, how do you protect your roses for winter, and do you have much die back?
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