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HelpMeFind's premium membership offers many features not available to anonymous and basic-membership members.  Enjoy the full potential and convenience of all that HMF has to offer while doing your part to support our commercially impartial and user funded website.

Unlike most websites, HelpMeFind is NOT a commercially-driven, thinly disguised marketing device.  Its mission is to bring gardeners from around the world together by providing a tool to share their insight and experience.  It is the work of full time professionals along with a staff of very devoted, dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers.

The premise for funding our website is many people contributing a small amount.  Our premium membership's modest cost of $24 per rolling year is less than a typical gardening magazine subscription but we provide an highly interactive resource that grows and evolves each and everyday.  For two dollars a month you can ensure this website continues to thrive.  You already know how unique HelpMeFind is - it needs the support of many members; it needs YOUR support to survive.

Please be sure to SIGN IN to your existing member account or register before upgrading to a premium membership.  Your membership upgrade is immediate but you will need to SIGN OUT and then SIGN IN to reset your current online status.
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