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Playing at Creation
(Dec 1972)  Page(s) 97.  
[McCann speculating on the breeder's reasoning behind choosing this rose's parents] Gavotte had the yellow blood of the amateur-raised Ethel Sanday (raised by another exhibitor, Oliver Mee), and I'm sure the intention was to bring back this yellow with the vigour of Buccaneer. Well, it happened -- probably beyond the hybridist's dreams. But as soon as the breeding was announced, just about every amateur hybridist started off by crossing other yellows with Gavotte -- and trying to better the Sanday roses. Of course it didn't happen.
(Dec 1972)  Page(s) 97.  
Gavotte the first Sanday bred rose and itself No. 8 in the [Royal National Rose Society's list of 24 roses for exhibition].
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