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'Cologne' rose References
Website/Catalog  (2018)  Page(s) 23.  Includes photo(s).
Super Bowl MACsupbow (N) Large, very fragrant exhibition shaped blooms are borne on medium long stems; pale silver- lilac; healthy & prolific. A most interesting breed of ‘Harmonie’ and ‘Blue Ribbon’. The basic silver lilac has various most interesting undertones which makes it different from the ‘blue’ roses. 
Website/Catalog  (2008)  Page(s) 22.  Includes photo(s).
Cologne (MACsupbow, 'Super Bowl') Grandiflora. Sam McGredy 1998... Intensely perfumed light lavender blooms coming on in long stemmed sprays of 7 to 15 on an extremely vigorous plant...
Booklet  (2008)  
An Information List of all Varieties. p8
1996. Super Bowl - Macsupbow.

Seedling Books NZ 1986-End. 1990-1991 p2
88/985 MACsupbow (Harmonie x Lady Meilland - LM struck through). pencilled in 'Starlight'

Seedling Books NZ 1986-End. 1990-1991 p60
1988. 985 Super Bowl. MACsupbow (Harmonie x Lady Meilland). pencilled in 'Starlight'

Seedling Books NZ 1986-End. 1991-1992 p24.
88/985 Super Bowl MACsupbow (Harmonie x Lady Meilland - LM struck through). pencilled in 'Starlight'
MART, SP, KEN '91. Not bad in Holland. Growth [? illegible]

Seedling Books NZ 1986-End. 1994-1995 p14.
1988 / 985 Super Bowl MACsupbow (Harmonie x 'Starlight'
SP, KEN '91. SAK, HUB, GRU, GHI, ROUN, ED '93. SW, TAS 94.
Row 3. Budding '95, Selling '96. Assigned to Edmunds.
Book  (2005)  Page(s) 66.  
'Cologne' (MACsupbow*, 'Super Bowl'). Gr. mauve. 1998. (int. 1996). Durbanville FA 1999. MR11 - [available from]:
E1 - Edmunds Roses, Wilsonville, Or.
R6 - Rose Acres, El Dorado, Ca.
R12 - Roses N.W., Tualatin, Or.
GG4 - K. S. Gopalaswamiengar Son, Bangalore, India.
Article (misc)  (Jul 2002)  Page(s) 6.  
Book  (2002)  Page(s) 34.  
Interim rating 7.4
Book  (1999)  Page(s) 112.  
Gerard Williams. Final Analysis 1998-99. Hybrid Teas.
'Super Bowl' (MACsupbow) McGredy 1996; 'Harmonie' x 'Starlight'; silvery lavender; 21 reports on 21 bushes; 1-3 years; 1.2 metres; 6.7 rating. A pale lavender, almost grey, exhibition HT. Like one of its parents 'Starlight' it has a very pale lavender colour. The bush does not seem to grow too big but is healthy and the blooms are big and of a good shape. Repeat is, however, average to slow. Most growers find the perfume delicious. The blooms are useful for floral art and a small bunch cut and brought inside can really spice up the house with its lovely fragrance. Despite its virtues I'm afraid most people just don't like its colour.
Article (magazine)  (19 Nov 1998)  Page(s) 145.  
MACsupbow Grandiflora, mauve, 1998; (Cologne; 'Super Bow;'); 'Harmonie' x 'Lagerfeld'; McGredy, Sam. Description.
Book  (1998)  Page(s) 97.  
Nola Simpson. Review of Newer Roses for 1997-98 Season. Hybrid Teas.
'Super Bowl' (MACsupbow); McGredy 1996; 'Harmonie' x 'Starlight'; silvery lavender; 13 reports on 13 bushes; 1-2 years; 1.2 metres; 6.8 rating. A newish pale lavender exhibition HT and fairly well reported on this year. Many find the colour rather insipid and would like to see better bloom production. Manawatu says pale mauve exhibition, habit is upright, shy flowerer and nothing special. North Taranaki is not pleased with the delicate shade but finds it healthy, lovely fragrance. Hutt Valley thinks the fragrance is the only redeeming feature and is not impressed with the wishy washy colour. Waikato says good exhibition form, super fragrance, bush vigorous and healthy, some not impressed with the colour. Marlborough says superb fragrance, very good exhibition, but Oh the colour! Enough said.
Book  (1997)  
p58 Doug Bone. ...the seventh annual Auckland rose of the year judging.
Most fragrant. 'Super Bowl' (MACsupbow). Raised by McGredy, New Zealand. Parentage: 'Harmonie' x 'Starlight'. Having earlier said that I could not detect much scent in some varieties, nobody could possibly say that they can't smell this rose - even Jack Hobbs with a bad cold on judging day! Of course, with those two parents it couldn't help but have a powerful sweet fragrance. 'Super Bowl' is a Hybrid Tea with very large blooms of a soft silvery lavender colour - not everyone's cup of tea. The flowers are borne in large clusters on a vigorous upright growing plant.

p94. Nola Simpson. Review of Newer Roses for 1996-97 Season.
'Super Bowl'. (MACsupbow); McGredy 1996; silvery lavender; 8 reports on 8 bushes; 1 year; 1.1 metres; 6.6 rating. The first reports on this new silvery lavender HT, and not all of them are complimentary. Kaitaia' reports shapely buds, open flat, very pale lavender, is hoping it will improve, had not noticed any fragrance until saw it had won an award for same. Napier faded mauve, perfume saves it from the scrap heap! Manawatu got the plant in error and quite likes the greyish mauve flowers, not a bad shape, fragrant and has grown quite good, slow repeat of flowers. Canterbury gives it 10 out of 10 for fragrance, rest not impressed, blooms ball badly, very large foliage, second flowering large heads of flowers like a floribunda. North Otago finds it repeats fast, few thorns, long stems, healthy, keeps well, perfumed, Hutt Valley beautiful fragrance, healthy, large candelabra heads on many new shoots, very pale mauve.
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