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'Athalin' rose References
Book  (Jun 1992)  Page(s) 17, 112.  
Page 17: Jacques, the King's gardener at Neuilly, developed from the Portland the hybrid 'Athalin', a variety which, like 'Malton', is an excellent seed-bearer. 'Athalin', crossed with 'Rose du Roi', would later give remontant roses having the Portland character -- a short and stiff flower stem, with the blossomnestling among the leaves -- which distinguished the first descendants of 'Athalin', varieties of feeble growth and weak remontancy. Rosarians gave these Portland-derived varieties the name Hybrid Portlands to distinguish them frm other remontant hybrids.
Page 112: Athalin ('Général Athalin')
Hybrid Bourbon
Antoine A. Jacques, Neuilly, France, 1830
[Not to be confused with the striped Gallica 'Athelin']... Cerise... Bright red... Rosy crimson, sometimes spotted with white... A distinct and showy Rose... requires but little pruning... A good seed-bearer, and the parent, on one side, of many of the Hybrid Perpetual Roses... 'Athalin' crossed with 'Rose du Roi' later gave remontant roses having the Portland character... thorns somewhat numerous... bright cerise red... sprang from the Bourbon rose.
Article (misc)  (1954)  Page(s) 40.  
Athalin 28 chromosomes.
Book  (1954)  Page(s) 59.  
Two members of this group, the cherry red Athalin (Jacques, 1830) and the vivid crimson Malton (Fulgens) (Guerin, 1830) were fertile, and another, Gloire des Rosomanes (Vibert, 1825) was both fertile and remontant....Athalin and Malton, being of little value otherwise, have since been discarded
Magazine  (1954)  Page(s) 564.  
Crosses of 'Rose du Roi' with the tetraploid Hybrid Chinas, notably 'Athalin,' produced remontant varieties with larger flowers than the older Portlands. They were recognized as a distinct group in about 1835,
Book  (1936)  Page(s) 38.  
Athalin (hybrid bourbon) Jacques 1830; vivid cherry-carmine, 8 cm., lightly filled, regular, flat, expanded, very floriferous, growth 7/10.
Book  (1935)  Page(s) 177-178.  
[To create repeat-blooming roses, Jean Laffay] used Hybrid Chinas [especially 'Athelin' and 'Celine'] which he crossed with Damask Perpetuals and Bourbons...
Book  (1910)  Page(s) 116.  
[The breeder Laffay] raised many of his splendid Hybrid Perpetuals from 'Athelin' and 'Celine' (Hybrid Bourbons)...
Book  (1899)  Page(s) 15.  
Athalin, Hybride de Bourbon, Jacques, cerise
Book  (1880)  Page(s) Annex, p. 12.  
hybrid china, Athelin, pink-carmine, sometimes flecked white, medium ssize, double, flat cup form, vigorous, impressive, good seed bearer
Book  (1864)  Page(s) 49-50.  
Nous avons vu que les bengale étaient sujets à varier par le semis et à s'hybrider avec nos espèces européennes; il en est sorti une race dite hybride du bengale, non remontante, il est vrai, mais d'une vigueur et d'une rusticité remarquables. Cette race, qui provient probablement du croisement des bengale avec les provins, fut obtenue de 1815 à 1850. Les variétés premièrement obtenues ne donnaient pas de graines fertiles, lorsqu'en 1830, Guérin, horticulteur à Angers, obtint le superbe rosier malton, dédié par lui à sa nièce Joséphine Malton; puis M. Jacques, jardinier au château de Neuilly, obtint de son côté athalin, tous les deux excellents porte-graines. Une superbe variété brennus, également vigoureuse, fut obtenue à la même époque par le célèbre rosiériste Laffay, de Bellevue près Paris.
De malton et athalin sortirent les premiers hybrides remontants, probablement issus de leur croisement avec les portlands.
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