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'Maréchal Niel' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 10 FEB 18 by CybeRose
Roses: Their History, Development and Cultivation, p. 103 (1908)
Rev. Joseph H. Pemberton

The special points of a Noisette Rose are (1) its scent, the perfume of the original parent, the Musk Rose, being very apparent, especially in the earlier varieties. (2) The manner in which the flowers are produced; it blooms in clusters, coming from one corymb—that is to say, the foot-stalks of all the flowers on a stem start from the same point, like the Banksia Rose, for example. To better understand the difference between a Tea and Noisette Rose, compare Madame Hoste, a Tea, with Caroline Kuster, a Noisette. These roses are much alike when staged as specimen blooms, but look at them growing on the plant. The former produces its flowers from different parts of the stem, the latter from a corymb. Compare also the growth and formation of the flowering stalks of Lamarque, L'Ideale, and Celine Forestier with that of the Tea, and observe how liable is the bloom of a Noisette—especially Maréchal Niel—to break off at the junction of the foot-stalk with the main stem.

A study of the Noisette Rose will assist us in the matter of pruning. Like the Banksia, it usually flowers, not from the gross shoots as do the Teas, but from the smaller secondary wood of a previous year. This being the case, if the flowering wood is to be retained, the plant requires careful pruning. On the whole it is better not to prune at all, except to remove the old and, sometimes, the very young wood, doing so only for the purpose of admitting light and air.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 9 MAR 18 by jeffbee
wonderful!thank you for sharing the info.
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Initial post 21 MAR 13 by GoldenAge
Does anyone have experience with or further information for the "virus-free clone of Marechal Niel" that Vintage says it got from Dr Manners? Thank you so much!
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Initial post 31 MAR 12 by CybeRose
The Gardeners’ Monthly and Horticulturist 18: 266 (Sept. 1876)
Pink Marechal Niel Rose.—A pink Marechal Niel rose appears to have been secured by our excellent coadjutor Mr. Thomas Trussler, of Edmonton, and should it prove to bear the test of criticism it will add to the series of illustrations recorded of the reciprocal influence of stock and graft. A bud of John Hopper was entered on a brier in the usual way, and afterwards a bud of Marechal Niel was entered on John Hopper. The result is apparently a pink Marechal Niel. The flower before us is smaller than the type; it is pale lemon-yellow without, with a diaphonous tint of pink within, very pleasing, and in some degree resembling Devoniensis. Should it prove permanent it will be peculiarly interesting.— Gardener's Magazine.
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Initial post 26 APR 10 by Mellifera
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