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'Royal Dane ®' rose Reviews & Comments
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Initial post 23 FEB 18 by Plazbo
the parentage has a typo on the main page

< pan class="lnk small">Tropicana × [ × Princesse Astrid]

assume it's meant to be <span.... (for formatting)
Reply #1 of 1 posted 23 FEB 18 by Patricia Routley
Corrected. Thank you Plazbo
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Initial post 15 MAY 07 by John Moody
I have ordered this from Pickering for a second time. I ordered it last year and the bush just barely broke dormancy and then just quickly died. Two other roses I ordered on that order never broke dormancy at all and just dried up and died as well.
My question for those that grow this rose is how vigorously it breaks dormancy each spring and how vigorously it grows as a whole?? I love the orange blend blooms and the pictures that I see of it.
Reply #1 of 7 posted 13 APR 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
John??? I noticed you wrote wayyyy back in May 07...don't know if you've given up on this rose yet, but I have two coming in. Both are own-root though!!!! If you are still interested I will keep you updated. Now that you've warned me about Troika and how it has a hard time establishing, I'll be sure to pamper them with my favorite organic fertilizer Gardenville. When I had more money I used to feed all my babies once a week with super diluted Gardenville and the roses explode in size.

Intensely fragrant orange blend, classically spiralling HTs are very difficult to find. Folklore looks very much like Troika - it is a prolific very abundant bloomer and vigorous even though it keeps shedding from BS, lol! But Troika I've been dying to have.....Can't wait to compare Folklore versus Troika....
Reply #2 of 7 posted 20 APR 12 by John Moody
My Royal Dane is now doing wonderfully.
In fact it has already bloomed this year about a month ahead of schedule. I love it's beautiful color, vigorous growth, disease resistance, and spicy rosey fragrance. I don't even do any winter protection for it and it comes back every year strong and hardy.
This is a really good rose.
Reply #3 of 7 posted 20 APR 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
Hurrrayyyy! thanks for your reply, John! I'm so thrilled - disease resistance, lol! I did not expect that from a very fragrant HT. Prolific very fragrant HTs usually get tons of BS, so usually I always have some sort of psychological preparation, haha! I'm happy to hear that it still keeps its beautiful fragrance, and is indeed disease-resistant like its original ratings. Winter hardy is an added plus....
Reply #4 of 7 posted 24 APR 12 by John Moody
Yes, disease resistance is indeed a big goodie for this beauiful, fragrant, vigorous, and winter hardy rose for me. Last year I was only able to spray fungicide one time because of health issues and it was on of the best a staying clean while it's neighbors were spotting. This odd weather spring I had a bit of mildew show up here and there--mostly mini and mini-flora and just a couple of big roses, but Royal Dane\Troika didn't participate in any of that.
And, this rose will set wonderful hips for those who hybriyze like myself which is another plus in my book.
Like I said, this is a great rose to have around.
Reply #5 of 7 posted 3 JUL 12 by Organic Roses-Honeybee Garden
John, you are so right about the fragrance and oh, the color is drop-dead gorgeous! I have had 2 very beautiful classically spiraling blooms, and I'm sure the number will increase with the age of the plant, but even as a baby, the flowers are huge!!!! So far it's one of my top favorite roses. I also told my rosie friend in Romania that Troika does really well even in the blasting heat! Now the breaking point is when it's over 100 degree weather but at 99 degrees, Troika holds real well, lol! However, since I'm completely no-spray, all-organics, the true test of disease-resistance will come at 3 years of age. Three years show the true nature of how good the rose does against disease. In Organics garden, I've had pristine roses for 2 years, but as soon as the 3rd year marker comes along, that's when things can start to fall apart, lol! Troika still has a good 2 more years before the true test begins. I will update when it hits its 3rd year anniversary.
Reply #7 of 7 posted 15 APR 17 by Zavos.Brachides
How is Troika doing by now? Any deseases?
Reply #6 of 7 posted 8 OCT 12 by mtspace
I just wanted to thank you for your report on Royal Dane. Missouri is not the easiest place to grow roses; so ones that grow well there should have broad geographic interest.
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