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Initial post 6 days ago by Ozeboy
I have not used my nursery information for some time but want to have the ability to change initial details.

The Glenorie Roses site was set up by Margaret Furness on my behalf a few years ago and was closed due to Kangaroo and Wallaby damage. The property has now been securely fenced so would like to change the initial page rather than disturb Margaret.
Reply #1 of 4 posted 6 days ago by Margaret Furness
Welcome back! I can't delete the bit about wildlife now (or take the apostrophe out of Miniatures), so maybe it wasn't me who set it up. Can't remember back that far.
Reply #2 of 4 posted 6 days ago by Patricia Routley
Ozeboy, I have taken the "closed sign" off the hook and you should now be able to change any details. You might like to update the list of roses you have as well. Send me a Private Message if I can help in any way.
Reply #3 of 4 posted 5 days ago by Ozeboy
Hello Margaret, great to see you are still on HMF, presume you are well enough to continue the rose hobby.
Don't think we have corresponded since I sent you those 'Mrs BR Cant' sport's from Gary
That's one of the best Tea's I have ever had. Hope your's is doing well, definitely a keeper.

I am compiling an order for HT's, Floribunda's, Modern Climbers and Shrub buds to send to Ruston's. Let's hope they still have a few left. If you visit them over the next couple of months put a good word in for me please.

I let a lot of Heritage roses go as I wasn't fit enough to look after the property and have gone back to getting rid of everything that sticks up in the ground so I can run the mower over the lot to keep it tidy.

Regards, Bruce.
Reply #4 of 4 posted 5 days ago by Margaret Furness
I'm well but the D word (downsize) is looming. I gave Gary's Mrs B R Cant to Werribee, as the status of Ruston's was so uncertain. Best to check with Dianne at Ruston's now, whether they'll still be selling budwood.
I don't know if you'd caught up that Thomas for Roses isn't accepting orders for next winter; they hope to get back into things but the clock is ticking. They might be willing to sell you budwood.
Some semi-old climbers that most people won't know but are well worth growing are Marie Nabonnand, Indian Summer, Cl August Noack, Cl Mme Abel Chatenay. All in the HRAI Collection at Renmark.
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Initial post 31 AUG by Angel Gardens
Hi, I am having a hard time getting the site to renew my sponsorship. Please call me at 352-359-1133. It wants to renew my premium membership for $24 but I want to pay the $168. Please advise, i wrote an email to you a week ago but got no reply. Thanks, Pam
Reply #1 of 2 posted 1 SEP by Patricia Routley
We'll get you help Pam. Perhaps the coffer Admin had been coughing lately and hoping that the flu would fly away.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 4 SEP by HMF Admin
Hi Pam,

Finally back to the keyboard...

Lisa in sales said she contacted you about this; do you need further assistance? And thank you again for your many years of support to our efforts. It is appreciated... and needed.
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Initial post 30 AUG by rosannabe
Hello ! Concerning the variety 'Heike Giannotti' there are two errors : the most important is the name of the breeder. It's not Velle, the breeder is GĂ©rard Heubrecq from Belgium. The second error is about the correct spelling which your find above ! Thank you very much for your great work ! Friendliest Heike

PS I'd like to get full membership but I don't want to go through PayPal, and it doesn't work !!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 30 AUG by HMF Admin
Can you provide a reference for this rose that we can cite.

I'm sorry but for now we are only able to process payments through PayPal. Please be aware we use PayPal for credit card payment processing and you do NOT have to have, or open, a PayPal account.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 30 AUG by rosannabe
The reference is the breeder himself, obviously he is mentioned in one of the pictures
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Initial post 24 AUG by Desertgarden561
I received notification of a private message from RainGreen today but cannot access it. The notification was NOT sent to the email I use which is on my active account, but was sent to (an account that should have been deleted)

Please advise.
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