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Initial post today by Mariano
Dear all,

This is a summary of the message I received from KORDES ROSEN, regarding HT ‘Isabel de Ortíz’ (Reimer Kordes, Germany, 1962).

“Isabel de Ortiz is the beautiful family member of the head gardener Ramón Ortiz Ferré, who takes care of the urban facilities such as the Parque del Oeste in Madrid with effort and much enthusiasm.
That is why it was the desire of the leading circles in the International Competition for New Roses of the City of Madrid (CONCURSO INTERNACIONAL ROSAS NUEVAS VILLA DE MADRID) that she should be godmother for this new breed.”

Reply #1 of 1 posted today by Patricia Routley
Thank you Mariano. I just can’t bring myself to add this “godmother” tripe, but have added the basic details of who the lady was to the main page.
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Initial post today by scvirginia
Does anyone know anything about this foundling? Who found it, who named it, in what part of the world was it discovered, and why is it a "False Bon Silène"?

Reply #1 of 2 posted today by Patricia Routley
The San Jose 2005 catalogue lists it at site K-12-20 with the notation [= Mrs. B. R. Cant?]
Reply #2 of 2 posted today by scvirginia
It may not surprise you to learn that I came across this listing because I found a reference to 'Minnie Francis' that called her an "improved 'Bon Silène'". So I was looking to remind myself of what 'Bon Silène' looked like, and stumbled across this foundling.

So many (too many) pink Teas to choose from...

Thanks for the info,
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Initial post yesterday by Andrew from Dolton
I grow several old garden roses that have varying degrees of remontancy. 'Rosa de Resht' blooms sporadically throughout the summer after the first main flush but unless the weather is very dry (which is rare in my location), it will quickly be infested with blackspot. 'Duchess of Portland' usually makes some effort to reflower but it is one of the worst culprits for blackspot with leaves not having any green areas remaining by mid-summer. This year after a hot dry June and July never even attempted any new growth or flowers when finally in August we had some rain. 'Quatre Saisons Blanc Mousseux' is quite healthy but the "autumn" flowering in August is rather brief and sparse. 'Stanwell Perpetual' is healthy and reflowers well although after July it never has more than two or three flowers out right through to October and never really makes much of a display despite the individual blooms and buds being very beautiful. 'Agnes' tries to have a second flush but usually quite late and the weather in September is starting to become to cold and wet for the blooms to open properly with many just remaining as buds. This year it bloomed well again in August but this was exceptional. But for health and quantity of flower this rose 'Jacques Cartier' or 'Marchesa Boccella' or whatever it's called far out does the rest. I cut half a dozen blooms for a friend yesterday and it has hardly dented the display. In my climate with cool damp summers it grows about 1.2M and is as good as any modern rose. Its growth is very like a hybrid-perpetual.
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Initial post yesterday by CybeRose
According to the 1912-1913 catalog, "Rito, rich pink with yellow anthers."
Reply #1 of 1 posted yesterday by Patricia Routley
Description added, Karl.
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