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Initial post 8 JUL by SteffenAlbrecht
We moved to a new house with very few roses in the garden (instead, mostly rhododendrons, hortensias, cherry laurels and the like ...), but one I have a mind to keep is a large floribunda or small shrub with light pink, medium-sized (around 2"/5 cm) flowers in small clusters, around 40 petals each, with a very light fragrance and keeping their color for very long. Their form is rather like English roses, but the fact that we live in Hamburg and the house was built around 1980 makes it rather more likely this is a Kordes rose from around that time or possibly later. (Kordes roses are extremely dominant in the gardens around here.)

I have already spent hours sifting through HMF's advanced search, and even though pink roses are not that rare I have been unable to come up with even a close match. Bad Birnbach is somewhat similar in appearance, but the form of the flowers seems different. On some photographs Leonardo da Vinci looks rather similar, on others it doesn't, and besides, it has about twice the number of petals. And these two are my best guesses ...

Does anyone have a better guess? I am sort of stuck.
Reply #1 of 5 posted 18 JUL by ThomasR
Hello Steffen.
I am not certain but your pictures, except the fourth one, reminded me of the first flush of Centenaire De Lourdes. This rose used to be very popular in France, but was it in Germany ? I have one planted and I didn't pay much attention to it ! The first leaves this Spring were rounded, but maybe not as systematically as your rose's. Was your picture taken during Spring ? The flowers of Centenaire De Lourdes got different later on, flatter, loser and more obviously semi-double in my opinion. As for the leaves, they are at this time all devoured by snails I think.
I am sorry I never counted the petals and I only have two pictures of the first flush flowers !
Reply #2 of 5 posted 19 JUL by SteffenAlbrecht
Hi Thomas,
Thanks, there is decidedly a certain likeness. Still, my rose has a lot more petals, a darker pink, and almost no scent. I have a hunch we're probably looking at something a lot more prosaic than this old and famous rose ...
Reply #3 of 5 posted 19 JUL by ThomasR
You are welcome ; I wonder if some modern roses aren't even longer to identify than older ones !
Reply #4 of 5 posted 19 JUL by SteffenAlbrecht
Allerhop seems an extremely close match, but it's kind of hard to say with a rose no longer commercially available and the only photos here at HMF from a single plant only. Also, how likely is it that I have a rose that apparently nobody else has ...
Reply #5 of 5 posted 19 JUL by ThomasR
Have you tried contacting the former owners of your house ? If the rose was planted by them, they may remember its name or where and when they purchased it. Also the online shops of German nurseries/breeders could give you some ideas... I haven't been a member of this site for a long time and I actually do not know much, but whenever I see a rose that looks like yours l will tell. Maybe closer pictures of different parts of your rose could help being sure of your identification.
Good luck, Thomas.
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