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Initial post 19 AUG by mar
Hello friends: I have some photos taken at a rose contest in Spain. The name on the sign was Concerto. They have more than 30 petals and from the color I think it could be "Concerto" bred byMarie Louise Meilland-1987 hybrid tea rose. I am attaching a photo to discuss it before uploading. A greeting from Spain
Reply #1 of 2 posted 20 AUG by jedmar
It looks like the 1953 Concerto by Francis Meilland. Please compare the photos. Did you see it in Madrid or Barcelona?
Reply #2 of 2 posted 20 AUG by mar
I took the photos in Tarragona, near Barcelona. Francis Meilland's rose has 9-16 petals and the photo of the roses I show has more than 30. That is why I think it is the Concerto rose by Marie Louisette Meilland
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Initial post 5 AUG by Duchesse
help? Any suggestions of names for a large (2m high) thornless stripe rose of red/pink white (no yellow). This rose grows like a weed and laughs at pruning. Prolific bloomer. I saw it at a friends rental house (she moved out now) and I do have some cuttings, but I can't quite find a rose that describes it completely. Most of the ones I have looked at get ruled out by their 1m height.

****can't seem to delete! It's looking like it might be Guy Savoy.
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Initial post 15 JUL by Mervey
Hello Community, I am new to this website and I may make mistakes in its understanding.
I live in Brittany, France; I have a garden since 2000 but started to cultivate it from 2002-2003 with vegetables, few fruit trees and of course flowers of all sorts and roses, mainly old varieties but modern ones also. After a cow herd invasion, I litterally abandonned my garden for more a decade and in 2019 I decided to make a great clean up. To my surprise, although many plants and roses have died, some plants and roses had well survived and are healthy. And there is a modern climbing rose that I can not identify despite all my researches, at home and on the web and here at HelpMeFind.
So, its a climber, 2,50 + meters high, big and full flowers, pink edges with white center and reverse, slightly scented, big and relatively thick foliage. Of course I have plenty of photographs and I selected some to upload here.

Thank you very much in advance.

The whole plant, stems, horns and foliage, buds evolution and flowers :
Reply #1 of 14 posted 15 JUL by jedmar
Possibly 'Rose Gaujard Clg'
Reply #2 of 14 posted 18 JUL by Mervey
Thank you very much for your reply, jedmar.

This rose is a matter of conscience ! On comparison with the two pictures of Rose Gaujard Clg only the colours of the flowers could match. The flowers of my rose are very wide, extremely full of petals and very flat once completly opened. I found some nurseries links but I can't send them via this form. Is there a way to display/send them for helping the identification ?

Just, maybe my rose simply is not entered into the HelpMeFind database...
Reply #3 of 14 posted 19 JUL by jedmar
Modern roses would be in the HMF data base. The difficulty is identifying which one it could be. You can post your photos also on the HelpMeFind group in Facebook and add the nursery links there.
Reply #4 of 14 posted 19 JUL by Margaret Furness
It might be worth looking at Baronne E de Rothschild Clg.
Reply #6 of 14 posted 19 JUL by Mervey
Thank you Margaret,

I took a look at and no, this is not my rose either (snif...).

Well, my rose is middle pink with slight salmon-ish tone, the flowers are set either solitary or in cluster (3 to 5 flowers) and there is a "strange" cluster of 5 flowers (third photo).

Both Rose Gaujard and Baronne E. de Rothshild show only solitary flowers.
Reply #5 of 14 posted 19 JUL by Mervey
Thank you,
I have not Facebook nor any "social" account either. The links I found are about Rose Gaujard, shrub and Climber : (climber) , (climber) , (shrub) and Gaujard themselves who describe it as a shrub and as a climber ( ).
And none of them look similar to my rose. I will post some other photos taken this afternoon.
Reply #7 of 14 posted 20 JUL by scvirginia
Would you remember the name? If I said Antike 89 or Romantica, would you think "those names sound familiar" or "definitely not" without needing to check?
Reply #8 of 14 posted 21 JUL by Lee H.
Having Antike 89 in my own garden, I’d agree the resemblance is close.
Reply #9 of 14 posted 23 JUL by scvirginia
I don't know it or grow it, so I'm glad to hear you say it seems similar. I was just comparing these photo with the ones at HMF, and thought I saw a resemblance in foliage, buds and flowers.
Reply #11 of 14 posted 27 JUL by Mervey
Thank you very again scvirginia and also Lee H.

That's CRAZY !! I am searching into the 775 pages of "any pink" roses for a week or so and that's you who found MY rose !!!! Yes, that's crazy, LOL ! I don't know how I missed it when I started. Maybe the picture shown didn't catch my eyes. But YES it seems now that my "unknown dark pink" rose has recovered its identity.
As 'Antike 89' is a Kordes' creation, I am going to contact them to be absolutely sure about my rose.

Thank you very much all of you for your input and be sure I will update when I get an official answer :-))
Reply #12 of 14 posted 27 JUL by scvirginia
I hope that's it... A good rose is a good rose, no matter what you call it, but it's nice to know plants by name.

Reply #13 of 14 posted 28 JUL by Mervey
Hello Virginia and all of you,

After a conversation with the Kordes Team, it appears that my rose definitely can be considered as 'Antike 89'.

Here after the last reply from Kordes :

" Le mer. 28 juil. 2021 à 12:59, W.Kordes' Söhne <> a écrit :

Ok Francoise,

we are at 99% that it is Antike 89 J

But this rose needs a cut, next spring, to become more bushy.

Best regards

Your Kordes-Rosen Team "

I am so much happy !!!

Thank you very much again,

Françoise, from Brittany - France
Reply #14 of 14 posted 8 AUG by scvirginia
Reply #10 of 14 posted 27 JUL by Mervey
Thank you very much scvirginia,
I am very sorry to reply so lately but I have not received any notification for this thread.
Haha ! no, I don't remember the name, I haven't found back any paper invoice with these names so maybe it's PDF invoices stored in my very old computer or in my very old external hard disk and none of these name light up my own memory...
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Initial post 10 JUN by Callebaut
Can anyone help me identify my Rose?
Growing in Boston, Massachusetts, USA,
The rosebush is 22 years old
When grown in direct sunlight, the rinse is white
When grown in partial sun/shade, the rose is the soft pink you see in these photos
Form is arching with clumps of blooms
Blooms once in spring
Has a soft rose scent with slight undertones of lemon + pepper.
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