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Initial post 5 JUN 03 by Anonymous-797
My rose bush leaves are infested with holes. I thought it was rose slugs but they aren't green like slugs. They are tiny black things that seem to have taken over and look just like the slugs only tiny, tiny, tiny and black. Also, small green things crawling on the flower but no damage yet. Are these aphides? How do I get rid of the black things- they are tearing away at my entire bush.Any natural solutions?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 6 JUN 03 by The Old Rosarian
What you are describing are rose slugs which are the immature stage of a small wasp called a sawfly. Because the damage is widespread chemicals will be needed to control them. Make sure you spray the lower and upper sides of the leaves plus the soil all around the base of the rose bush as that is where they will be larvae in the soil. You could try using an oil spray on the leaves and see if that works by suffocating them but they will be hard tio get rid of organically.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 4 OCT 03 by Anonymous-797
We had great success with an organic spray including clove oil. A friend made her own with ground cloves and dormant oil; it worked too.
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