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most recent 26 MAY 05 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 25 MAY 05 by Anonymous-797
I just purchased a knock out rose tree. It was full of blooms until it rained. All of the blooms are gone and not returning. I live in KY and I planted the bush tree in part sun and shade. Any ideals?

Reply #1 of 1 posted 26 MAY 05 by Lyn G
When a rose is first planted, it generally puts most of its energy into growing a root system to support the plant. Give your new rose some time to get its feet under it and it will then start putting energy into producing blooms.


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most recent 5 MAY 05 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 5 MAY 05 by Lynn
Almost all of the leaves on my rosebush shriveled up and died suddenly and I don't know why. I have watered it well, but it looks like it died from a lack of water. I cut the ends of the canes off because they were dead, but so far the rest of the canes are green. Has anybody else had this happen? Do you know what causes it?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 MAY 05 by Lyn G
I don't know what zone you live in, but two possibilities come to mind:

1. If your rose was planted in a container and you had a saucer under the container, the rose could have died because of "root rot". Roses need very good drainage to thrive. Roses grown in containers should be lifted off of the hardscape so that all of the excess water can drain out of the pot.

2. If you have not washed the undersides of the leaves of your rose, you may have had a spider mite infestation which would cause the problem you describe. Many people growing roses use a miticide to control this insect, but washing the undersides of the leaves works very well, too.


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most recent 1 AUG 04 SHOW ALL
Initial post 21 JUL 04 by anonymous-94410
I was given a plant in the spring with very small light purple blossoms. I'm assuming it's a miniature rose, but I'm not positive. It was doing gret for a while. I pinched back the dead blossoms and had 2 more blossoms to appear. Soon after that, the leaves turned yellow and almost all of them fell off. Right now the plant has a few leaves that appear to be coming back.

My questions are is could someone tell me exactly what type of rose it is and how can i properly care for it.
Reply #1 of 2 posted 1 AUG 04 by Wendy C.
From the discription it is probably a mini, without seeing it identification would be difficult.,
What the problem is? I'm almost positive, you've overwatered it.

Minis need to stay evenly moist. Too much water and the leaves turn yellow and fall off. If it is still alive, transplant it to a bigger pot with good drainage and it should recover in a couple of weeks.
Reply #2 of 2 posted 1 AUG 04 by
Thank you Wendy C.
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most recent 11 JUL 03 SHOW ALL
Initial post 30 JUN 03 by rick morgan
I am loosing my leaves on my bushes, all kinds of rose bushes, from about 3/4 of the way down all my leaves are gone. It is as if they were competely stripped of all leaves, nothing showing but the thorns and the roses and stems. what gives?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 JUL 03 by The Old Rosarian
It sounds like you have some type of animal in your garden. Deer can make a rose plant look like your description. To eat the leaves at the top of a rose bush the animal would have to be tall. The other alternative is an insect and any insecticide will solve your problem.
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