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Reply #1 of 0 posted 30 JUN 08 by anonymous
how do I transplant peony bushes
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Reply #1 of 0 posted 26 JUN 08 by burkec1
How do you start peonies from cuttings? Best way to cut them? Best way to get the cuttings to root? ETC,Etc. i need help in this area badly/
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Reply #1 of 0 posted 26 JUN 08 by burkec1
I live in Central Iowa. My mother-in-law ordered peonies for me while I was deployed overseas. I got back home just recently & find that they have been sitting on my front porch since early Dec..She could not plant due to the early frost here last year.
Here it goes.They are bareroot peonies. Is there anyway to save or slavage them?? Please help.
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Reply #1 of 1 posted 21 APR 08 by Mary
Can you tell me why the new leaves on my peony bushes would be wilting and dying? The plants are only about 7 in tall (new growth of the season) - this happened last year too but I thought it was from transplanting them to a new area-would it be something missing from the soil?
Reply #2 of 1 posted 11 JUN 08 by Jesika
are they getting alot of sun? they need that. how close did you plant them together. i have heard that they should be planted closer together rather than far apart. they needs ants to thrive also.
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