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Initial post 19 JUN 06 by Twlia
I recived some roses and they are spourting new growth.  I bought rooting hormes, my questionis do I plant them in a pot, or in the ground.
Reply #1 of 1 posted 5 JUL 06 by Lulu

I would sugest that you plant them in a pot first with a mixture of peat moss and sand about half and half . Cut the stems just below a leaf node if you can and dip them in the hormone mix. If it is a powder dont use too much as that hinders rather than helps the roots to form. Take off all of the leaves except the very top ones. The cuttings are best about four to six inches long so if you need to trim the top cut them at an angle just above a leaf node and you can plant about a third into the pot.  Water them well and place in a sheltered place and keep moist. If you are lucky they will grow.

Good luck, regards Lulu

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Initial post 19 JUN 06 by Unregistered Guest
I recived some cut flowers and they are blooming new growth, I went to buy some rooting hormine powder.  My question is is it best to plant them in a plant or inthe ground?
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Initial post 6 MAR 06 by Joseph Murabula
what on average is the weight of a rose (ready for export)
Reply #1 of 1 posted 6 MAR 06 by
Probalby best to direct this question to a large nursery that ships.
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most recent 29 SEP 08 SHOW ALL
Initial post 24 JUL 03 by Joanne Schemmann
Hi, I finally have enough roses to start cutting some and bringing them inside. However, many have drooped in 24-48 hours. Am I cutting them wrong? Should I do anything with the water? Help
Reply #1 of 2 posted 25 JUL 03 by Unregistered Guest
When you bring your roses in the house, recut the stems under water. This ensures there are no air bubbles in the stem.

There is a large list of additives said to prolong cut roses. In my experience changing the water every couple of days and reclipping the stems works well too.

Good luck
Reply #2 of 2 posted 29 SEP 08 by Donna Toce
What do you add to the water after cutting and bringing inside?
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