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most recent 25 JUL 05 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 25 JUL 05 by Carrie Arnett
It seems that many of my roses including Mr. Lincoln are producing pinkish blooms. Is this due to heat?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 25 JUL 05 by Wendy C.
I've noted my Mr Lincoln tends to go deep pink when it needs to be fed. The heat can influence or fade color as well.
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most recent 11 JUL 03 SHOW ALL
Initial post 3 JUL 03 by krista smith
My two year old perfume delight rose has turned a very dark red. Is there any way I can get it back to its correct color. The last year it was planted next to a stainless steel rose that past away this winter, did this have any effect?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 11 JUL 03 by The Old Rosarian
Roses are grafted onto an understock to give them more vigour. The understock is called Dr. Huey and is a dark red. If your rose has changed colour then the top part (Perfume Delight) has died and you are left with the understock.
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most recent 14 JUN 03 SHOW ALL
Initial post 25 MAY 03 by Gerry Knight
My standard rose bush (new last summer) had yellow flowers last season, but this year they are pink! Why is this and how can I get it to revert to the original yellow?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 14 JUN 03 by Selina Kobel
My pink rose bush did the same thing....found out that the rose bush was not getting enough iron...after adding this the next cycle bloom it was back to its original color.

Good luck hope this works for you....Selina
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most recent 15 MAY 03 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 15 MAY 03 by Anonymous-797
I have a red rose bush and a red & white striped bush planted about 2 feet apart. This year the red color has dominated my striped color. Both bushes produced red roses. If I move the red bush, will the striped bush once again be striped? also, how far apart should different colors be to prevent from happening again. Thanks
Reply #1 of 1 posted 15 MAY 03 by The Old Rosarian
Striped roses are beautiful but they are not a stable colour and will often revert to just a plain colour. The colour change is only in the breeding of the striped rose and so the plain red rose bush has no bearing on the reversion.
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