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Initial post 21 MAY 03 by Anonymous-797
I have a new rose bush it is a Adelaide Hoodless Sub-zero Rose.
ould you please tell me how to plant it .
What kind of soil and food to give it ,I am not a good gardener and I do need help. They are a beautifull rose and I got it for a gift.I live were the weather is unpredictable and the seasdons change it is Ottawa Canada" so we are Upredictable"
Thank you for your help .
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Helen Allen
Reply #1 of 1 posted 10 JUN 03 by Anonymous-797
I live in Kelowna, B.C. and two summers ago completely revamped my yard. This included putting in 9 shrub roses in one particular area of the back yard and I chose Adelaide Hoodless variey. They are a shrub rose so they require very little care and are hardy and disease resistent and can tolerate winter temperatures up to -30 'C. We have had two very mild winters since I planted them but I have not had to fuss with them much at all and they have grown and given a lovely show of deep red blooms all summer from June until November. They are one of the florabunda roses - they produce many blooms on one stem and so the deadheading is quite quick as I take the whole bunch off back to a five-point leaf. They like lots of sun and lots of water. I have a drip irrigation system and each bush has its own emitter at the base of the plant. They are supposed to grow about 3 feet high and 3 feet wide. In the fall when the flowers were finished and I deadheaded for the last time, I piled wet peat moss around the base of the shrub. In the spring, I pruned the winter kill from the ends of the stems and tried to shape the plant somewhat to a mound shape. However, they are growing quite rapidly at the present time and the shape hasn't remained consistent since it sends out large healthy shoots rather randomly. I've also noticed some lovely little gray and yellow birds that visit them regularly and seem to be eating something - I thought they may have aphids but couldn't find any. I guess it may have been the odd ant or spider. I haven't had to spray them for insects or disease at all yet. It's a good rose to start with - they sort of look after themselves. Enjoy!
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