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most recent 14 OCT 10 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 14 OCT 10 by olde fashioned roses
Hi Every one,
I'm brand new here, and I have two questions that I hope to get some help for. My most pressing is, what is the most effective yet least toxic way to prevent damp-off in my rose seedlings? I've tried the 1/19 hydrogen-peroxide to water drench with some success, but don't know how often to use it. ( oops, here's another seedling question. Should I sterilize the commercial seed starter before I plant? thought it would have been already, maybe not.)The other question is, where to find rare roses that are grafted. I'm all for own root roses for old and robust shrub varieties, but where I live, Hybrid teas and floribundas do better grafted on robust stock and planted deep. I'm specifically looking for Smokey and Jocelyn, also other marvelous and strange colors ( have you seen Paul Bardens photo of a striped Jocelyn? GORGEOUS!!!!).
Thank you very much for taking time to help!!!!
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most recent 28 AUG 10 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 28 AUG 10 by SHIMINGSEN
I have a problem - my roses are dying! Included in the moribund ones are Spring Gold, John Cabot and Champlain.

Symptoms - the leaves gradually fall off till the plant is bare. There is no evidence of Rose mosaic virus.

Although I suspect some other type of virus, I don't know - maybe it is some soil deficiency, as they have been up to 12 years in the same location, fertilizer having been applied regularly, but no exotic additives such as iron.

The leaves look fine until they drop off; inflorscence is greatly reduced; no insects are visible.

I'm stumped!
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most recent 18 APR 10 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 18 APR 10 by Crissier #108921
In late March once the snow receded I discovered the canes of four well established roses
lying flat on the ground. Voles or some other underground residents devoured the entire root ball and stems of my plants. They are 100% destroyed.

I'm wondering if I should replant in the same area. The damage went unnoticed as it all went on beneath the snow line. The canes didn't fall over until the spring:)

Is there a gardeners trick against voles? Should I pour used kitty litter over the area?
I've plugged the stems into the ground and am hopefully on my way to recovering, or at least trying to recover one or two of the three varieties I've lost. Wish me luck!
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most recent 23 OCT 09 HIDE POSTS
Initial post 23 OCT 09 by Pascale Hiemann
This mushroom (armillaria mellea?) is growing in one of my rosebeds. I read it is a dangerous parasite for trees. Will it also cause diseases in my rosebeds?
Reply #1 of 2 posted 23 OCT 09 by greg
Mushrooms in the soil is a good indicator of a healthy soil. You could try putting this question to the fungus experts at this site
Reply #2 of 2 posted 23 OCT 09 by Pascale Hiemann
Thank you very much for the fast answer.
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