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Initial post 7 JUL 12 by Maxine N
I have Climbing Papa Meilland and he's driving me nuts. Murder to try and train as the canes just kink rather than bending, and of course very prickly. Then the blooms are sky-high, far too far away to sniff or pick. I am thinking of turning him into a bush. Can this be done?
Reply #1 of 1 posted 8 JUL 12 by Jay-Jay
To bend the canes, You'll have to wait until this years' canes are wooden enough. Later in the season would be better.
Don't wait untill they're older or till next season. They'll probably break.
Maybe this-one is right for spiraling around a pillar, instead of bending it horizontally.
Fan-shaped might be suitable too.
I stopped training Westerland as a climber for the same reason. It's rather a shrub... and feels well that way!
PS: I can't find the height of this climber.
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