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Initial post 15 JUN 13 by Frhoden
My Mothersday Polyantha looks bad and the other roses I have look good. It looked very healthy early in the spring but now some of the leaves have brown starting on the tips and then advancing further up. Also, the leaves look tattered, like a wind blown damage. I am wondering if Polyanthas are susceptible to hot temps early in the season which is what we have had. This rose looked bad this way last year when we also had unusually high temps early but I had transplanted it the prior year so I thought that was the problem then. Now I am perplexed as to cause. I wondered if anti disease sprays could cause this damage but none or most of the other roses do not show problems with sprays and it had shown no problems in the past. I have added insecticide spray to my regimen but as with the other spray, none of the others have had problems. I spray in the evening also. Any helpful suggestions or knowledge of polyanthas?
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