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Initial post 13 FEB 06 by Marta
My husband built for me a fully insulated, well drained wooden container that is 6 feet wide, by 2 feet tall, by 2 feet deep. He attached a trellis at the back of the container that is 8 feet tall (and 6 ft wide, same as the container). I want to plant a climbing rose in it and I am trying to decide which variety wil be best. I want a climber that is hardy enough to withstand the canadian winter (I live in Toronto). I also want a variety that is a repeat bloomer and that has a nice fragance. But at the same time, it needs to be a variety that will not grow out of bounds. I have been doing a lot of research and I came across two varieties that seem to be what I am looking for: Compassion and New dawn. I would like to know which of the two you think it would work the best, or as I am not an expert, if someone has any suggestions as to a better choice, I am eager to listen. I have succesfully grown roses in containers before (the oldest one I have is 6 years old) but never a climber. I would appreciate some advice. Thank you!!
Reply #1 of 2 posted 15 FEB 06 by RoseBlush

'Illusion' and 'Sympathy' both will do well in your cold climate. However, both are big roses. A rule of thumb is that the root system will be as large as the top growth. Therefore, climbers generally have large root systems. From the description of the container your husband built for you, you may find that the plant becomes rootbound with only a 2' depth. However, you do live at a more northerly latitude which indicates you have a shorter growing seasons. Both of the roses recommeded above are solid plants and have had good reports about growing with little winter protection in Canada.

Good luck with your roses.


Reply #4 of 2 posted 19 MAR 06 by Marta
Thank you so much!!!

Both are beautiful and I already found nurseries that carry them both. I truly appreciate your advice.
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